SAC ruling on Peevski case throws behind-the-scenes clique in panic

Delyan Peevski

The Supreme Administrative Court (SAC) has finally struck down the claim of the quasi-NGO Boets which was filed to shut out the lawmaker and publisher of Telegraph Media from running for MEP. The motives of this fake NGO for opposing Peevski’s candidature is the ill-disguised hypothetical suggestion concerning his permanent place of residence, i.e. whether the MP is living in Bulgaria or not.

The website of the above NGO went as far as publishing an “extended news bulletin” on Peevski’s trips abroad during which he, just like some James Bond allegedly used two passports, one international and one diplomatic. Good old Boets! You have managed to concoct something very close to a North Korean TV spy thriller out of it. Almost, but not truly.

The attack the oligarchs launched against Peevski this time is more futile than ever. Even the reasons for the overseas flights of the MP they quote are ludicrous. Let us remind to the backstage directors of the Fake News Factory that MEPs, for instance, are the most extensive travelers in the world. Following the ‘logic’ of the behind-the-scenes clique, 90% of candidates on all voting lists are not eligible for running for this Euro election because they are always on the road being the acting representatives of the European Parliament. 

But, what could one expect of NGO Boets whose only ‘boets’ (or warrior) is the servant of the oligarchy, somebody Georgi Georgiev. This man has been famous for his futile attempts to find a niche in politics until finally he found a place under Tsvetan Vassilev’s table. As any loyal dog Georgiev is happy to get crumbs from the master’s table and run his previously learnt commands before the amused audience. The audience always think it is very cute unless the command is “take him!” As usual, the dogs are barking at Peevski owing to the latter’s publishing activity thanks to which the dirty linen of the oligarchy is being washed in public. And Peevski’s legislative initiatives bring to light the real owners of the oligarchic media in Bulgaria and their financial sources which triggers off panic attacks among the so-called “honest publishers”. But, as they say, the dogs bark and the caravan goes on. And the attacks by Boets remind of an angry lap dog with a pink ribbon and muzzle. They can only make people smile.

On Wednesday (8 May), the Supreme Administrative Court made public the results of their inspection referring to the information provided by Civil Registration and Administrative Services Main Directorate stipulated in Art. 351, para 1 of the Electoral Code which clearly states that there are no obstacles whatsoever that would prevent Peevski and the rest of the MRF candidates to run for the Euro election. The decision of the SAC is final and inherent.

Regardless of this fact, the oligarchic media, purportedly independent from each other, are again singing in chorus. One could assume that Frognews, Dnevnik, Mediapool, Sega, and other short-run media outlets of the Fake News Factory hold a joint staff meeting headed by the king of their talking points, Ivo Prokopiev.

“The Supreme Court will not check out where Peevski lives,” strikes the dramatic chord Prokopiev’s flagship Dnevnik. Actually, the rule of the Supreme Administrative Court maintains the opposite: everything is checked out and no breaches are established.

“SAC has saved Peevski from the address registration checkup,” croaks the choir of Frognews of Agent Academician along with the other oligarchic media. By the way, Mr Academician, the SAC is not defending Peevski but the law.

“The Supreme Administrative Court let Peevski run for Euro election,” admits somehow reconcilably the grant-funded Mediapol sustained by Kostov’s ex-spokesperson Stoyana Georgieva.

“The court gave green light to Peevski to run for MEP,” writes Sega, the newspaper of the natural gas baron Sasho Donchev.

“Flight information: MP Peevski spends his office time in Dubai,” parrots

It would be needless to make reference in all known and unknown sites of the communist nomenclature media ‘school’. One thing is clear – to them all the statutory rules of the SAC mean nothing. While the writings of a “warrior” (or a serf) of Tsvetan Vassilev, somebody Georgi Georgiev, carry more weight for the oligarchs than the ruling of the SAC. No comment, as they say.

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