Restless transitions

Goethe-Institut Bulgaria is presenting the Restless Transitions exhibition by German artist Katharina Veerkamp and Bulgarian sculptor Radoslav Maglov. This is the second collaboration between the two artists, who earlier this year showed their project Solids & Voids at the SittART gallery in Dusseldorf.

What brings Veerkamp and Maglov together is their approach to art. Both are dedicated to careful observation, analysis and experimentation as well as trying out various materials, theories and concepts. Their works can seem equal parts abstract and scientific.

It is this very association with science along with their keen interest in the physics and physiological aspects that are at the heart of the Restless Transitions exhibition. It is centred on the speculative notion of art as scientific practice and the art gallery as a space for empirical and theoretical research.

The exhibition is organised with the cooperation of the Ministry of Culture and Science of North Rhine-Westphalia and can be viewed until 9 November.

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