„Reds without Borders” lie about Peevski in chorus

It makes no sense that those who disseminate lies and fake news make an uproar over press distribution

Delyan Peevski

On Wednesday, Bulgaria’s PM Boyko Borissov proposed that all printed matter in Bulgaria should be distributed by the state-owned Bulgarian Posts EAD company. His proposal has stirred a commotion of the spirits among the communist nomenclature’s media outlets which roared and yelled against it in unison.

The small newspaper Duma, allegedly right-aligned Dnevnik, Mediapool and Sega have betrayed their common parent and godmother, the Bulgarian Communist Party, and marching to a drum of their oligarchic masters sang out a talking point claiming that Borissov’s proposal is somehow related to lawmaker and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski.

Borissov himself said nothing of a kind in his statement but the propaganda machine of the red oligarchy doesn’t bother about facts. It is another question that currently the Bulgarian Posts company distributes printed matter, predominantly as subscription service.

The organised media group of the oligarchy works in full synchrony that is why it has been dubbed as Fake News Factory for years now. This Factory refers to a pseudo-research of the Reporters without Borders dated 2018 which maintains that Peevski allegedly controlls 80% of the press distribution market in Bulgaria. The claim is not grounded in any fact or evidence.

Apparently having realised how absurd their lie is this year the “manipulators without borders” made a correction saying that “Peevski controls the larger share of distribution market in Bulgaria.”

The Reporters without Borders didn’t even have qualms to lie that the brutal rape and murder of journalist Victoria Marinova from Rousse committed by a semi-literate sex maniac was somehow linked to her professional activity. They disgraced the victim and her family without bothering to check out that Marinova hosted mainly talk shows about health and fashion.

It is noteworthy that the Eastern Europe and the Balkans desk of this sham organization hasn’t managed to get in touch with Bulgaria’s Premier Boyko Borissov for three years and has received a response (negative) to their request for an appointment for the first time during their last visit.

This is downright absurd because even trainee reporters in Bulgaria know that Boyko Borissov is available to media and is an easily-accessible politician. He even answers his phone and his news center works every day. He is even accessible informally during many public events he attends. What “reporters” the Reporters without Borders are if for three years they couldn’t find the Bulgarian Premier?

The original source of false information that Delyan Peevski has something to do with the press distribution market in Bulgaria was… Economedia of Ivo Prokopiev. Already a year ago we found out that co-publisher of Economedia Teodor Zahov gave instructions over phone to Sofia correspondent of France Press as to how to turn the corner after she published this lie about distribution market in her material but her superiors insisted that she should provide evidence.

The coordinated uproar against Peevski made by Duma, Dnevnik, Mediapool and Sega clearly shows that they didn’t forget who their common parent is – the red nomenclature. To this day Duma is the official newspaper of the Bulgarian Socialist Party, Dnevnik is the press organ of Ivo Prokopiev, nomenclature’s offspring from the favourite hunting farm of Todor Zhivkov. Mediapool is controlled by the unrelenting candidate-member of the Bulgarian Communist Party Ivan Kostov who “laid golden eggs” for the red nomenclature and policemen during the mafia-style privatisation. Sega, on its part, is sustained by natural gas baron Sasho Donchev, who emerged as energy industry oligarch thanks to his party connections and close ties with the Soviet top functionaries.

What all of the “reds without borders” share in common is their lies about Peevski. Whereas the fact that their editions lag behind in circulation is not the blame of Peevski but the simple truth about press market – the readers don’t want to buy them.

So, it makes absolutely no sense that those who disseminate lies and insinuations make an uproar over press distribution.

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