Radio Bla-bla streams a hit about Peevski

Delyan Peevski

We’ve got news - comedian Kin Stoyanov became a journalist. So say journalists of Frognews who are also comedians. In other words, neither of the abovementioned is out of place. Rainy weather was the reason to peep into the website of the fugitive banker and his subservient “journalist” agent Academician.

Stranded in the rain we tend to goof up sometimes. But this time we haven’t made a mistake. In the above site we came across a gross stupidity titled “Kin Stoyanov for Frog: Peevski failed to install his man in BNR”.  
This is something no one could even think about. Even the boring pen-pushers writing fake news for the site of agent Academician who have to fulfill their daily quota of articles tarnishing Peevski. They must really be in dire straits to come out with such absurdity. We ‘carry one’ because the titles in this funny site are often autotelic and more often than not are aimed against lawmaker and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski. In other words, we don’t trust the title and check out what real facts lay the basis for the comedian’s conclusion. It turns out that these are reflections of Kin Stoyanov written down on a napkin by some phony journalist on duty. Kin Stoyanov sets out to explain something concerning the newly elected chief of BNR. Digresses from the theme and loses his train of thoughts. And finally produces a sensation which he was invited for: “I had inside information that two of the candidates for the director of the National Radio tuned to Peevski for support. The attack by the media of Peevski which targeted both Alexander Velev and Valery Tomov gave grounds to me and my colleagues to believe that they tried to turn for help to the MRF MP too.”

Naturally, there was no such “attack” in any of the media outlets of Telegraph Media – Telegraph, Monitor, Politika, Meridian Match or Europost. Why Kin Stoyanov lies is not clear. We, however, remember that it is not the first time that he is accused of lying. In 2014, the then director of Radio Sofia Mitko Dimitrov accused his recent subordinates Kin Stoyanov and Emil Yanev of blatant lie. The actual reason for it was that the two announced they were leaving the radio as their programs were taken off the air without any professional argument. They also claimed that they take as an insult the fact that their chief insisted that they should come to work on time.  

“Emil Yanev and Kin Stoyanov always behaved arrogantly and showed disinclination for work and discontent. There is not a single person in BNR or other media who host five shows and so monopolise the entire programme,” Mitko Dimitrov responded to the accusations in an open letter to the media.

It was more curious that Mitko Dimitrov accused the above couple of using the airtime for own benefit.

It would be interesting to see Kin Stoyanov remembering the paychecks he used to undersign – four times higher than those of his colleagues. Against this backdrop it becomes clear why the comedian is lying. Could it be that he is begging for a new job? Should the new director decide to make him an offer he has to bear in mind that Kin Stoyanov sticks to flexible worktime and charges high. Besides everything else he tends to bend the truth.

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