Radan Kanev and Hristo Ivanov share talking points with Lozan Panov

Failed Justice Minister Hristo Ivanov, the current leader of Yes, Bulgaria, and the leader of the EP electoral ticket of Democratic Bulgaria Radan Kanev have used their time on air which the bTV channel’s morning block allocates for pre-election interviews, to smear Bulgaria, judicial power and the government. Both based their statements on the talking points reiterated by chair of the Supreme Court of Cassation Lozan Panov.   

The two explained in brief that animosity and rivalry between them in 2017 when they did not run together for the general election was a mistake and now they stand united in order to make it to Brussels. Immediately it became apparent that they came to cast slur on Bulgaria. Ivanov commended Kanev for being the ticket leader because “he has always been on the right side of history.” 

Right after that he added that in his capacity of a former justice minister and now he stands against scrapping the EU monitoring of Bulgaria. “We see the EU Mechanism for Cooperation and Verification as an instrument which guarantees the interests of the Bulgarian citizens and insist that it should be implemented until Bulgaria attains its goals set in this mechanism, namely working judicial system which ensures supremacy of law and justice to all citizens of Bulgaria.”

It is tantamount to a sell-out of the national cause when people go abroad and lie both the domestic audience and our European fellow citizens that there is justice in Bulgaria having in mind that we all are aware that the Bulgarian justice system is seriously ill. These people betray the interests of the Bulgarian citizens in the name of the corrupt caste in Bulgaria and defend its cause. If anyone is to be called “people’s traitors” these are exactly such liars,” Ivanov started his blistering tirade. Three days earlier, the ill-famed chairman of the Supreme Court of Cassation Lozan Panov admitted that during the meeting with President Rumen Radev dedicated to the election of a new prosecutor general he again insisted on amending the Constitution and attacked the Supreme Judicial Council, the supreme administrative body of the judicial power.

Several days earlier, it transpired that during his meetings with the emissaries of the European Commission Panov never misses a chance to smear Bulgaria and demand that monitoring be extended.

Following the example of Panov, Hristo Ivanov never squanders an opportunity to commend prosecutor Laura Kovesi who is indicted in Romania and shared on air his dream to become Chief EU Prosecutor. “We would like to stand behind people like Laura Kovesi who both in Romania and in Europe are prepared to fight for the real administration of law and combat corruption. We insist that the EU Prosecutor’s Office should be headed by a strong figure, such as Laura Kovesi, to hit an all-time high in its authority. This kind of an institution cannot resolve all issues in Bulgaria once and for all but it can seriously tip the balance between the possible and impossible things which our kleptocrats dare affording,” Ivanov recited.

Without taking a pause he launched a ferocious attack on the Bulgarian government. “They have set up the Anti-Corruption Commission for Illegal Assets Forfeiture (ACCIAF) as camouflage which covers up shady affairs. All of the recent scandals show that GERB is incapable of ruling the country,” he stated. And went on to explain to the programme’s host what the priorities of the PM are as if he could read Borissov’s mind. “Borissov said he would not resign even if case of a loss at the EU election, because he hopes to stay in power long enough to take part in the bargaining for a new prosecutor general,” Ivanov said further. 

In a similar vein, Radan Kanev decided to toady to his mentors and hastily commented: “We are not the most experienced politicians, neither are we free from sin,” and right after set out to make his “disclosures”. “We have an undisclosed and hushed up affair with the sale of the Bulgarian passports by the Bulgarian “patriots”. If we allow sale of the Bulgarian passports and don’t find and punish the culprits can we seriously think that someone will let us sell Schengen passports?

The Bulgarian passports have been sold to very suspicious people, to those who may be involved in terrorism, the greatest menace for the united Europe. When the whole affair is exposed, when the people who really funded their political parties in this way are tracked down then we will be able to say that we are ready for Schengen. After our nationalists are sent to jail for the sale of passports then we will bang fist on the table of the Western nationalist and say: “Your henchmen are in jail, now nothing bars Bulgaria from Schengen,” Kanev stated without even mentioning that pre-trial proceedings are underway concerning the issued certificates of Bulgarian origin and, despite the rumors spread in the country, there is no data about the incidents when Bulgarian passports were sold to terrorists, etc.

The TV host didn’t even think it appropriate to go into further details. To a question with whom will he side if he is elected an MEP being such a staunch opponent of GERB, Kanev made the audience laugh at his decision: “I will join the European People’s Party. I will be part of the broad majority in this group which is famous for its anticommunist mentality.”

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