Pseudo sociologists – oligarchs’ mail boxes

The scent of money ahead of the looming elections for the European Parliament and the local elections in Bulgaria has woken up Andrey Raychev and Kancho Stoychev. This duo for years has been playing the role of a mail box of the Bulgarian oligarchs. As soon as the oligarchs decide that they want to change the system, they set in motion Raychev and Stoychev, bring them to the fore and give them the floor on their usual platforms.

Before the bTV audience sociologist Andrey Raychev presented the thesis that “the nation is united around the idea that wе are leading an unjust and wretched life” and forecast that the coming elections will perform the role of a snap vote.”

The “red shaman” also chimed in on the fighter plane deal and made the following prognosis: “If Karakachanov signs the deal for the new fighter planes, and these will be F16, it will be tantamount to a ritual suicide.” This way Raychev is trying to twist the arms of the defence minister. Certainly he is doing it to the dictation of the Gripen lobby.

The thesis about the necessity of snap elections, however, is not at all new to the people gravitating to the Bulgarian oligarchs. The reason is that their leading exponents are currently the defendants in cases being heard by the Specialised Criminal Court – Ivo Prokopiev for the EVN affair and Tsvetan Vassilev, for the heist of the century – syphoning off CorpBank. “Lord of the Pills” Ognyan Donev keeps them company in the group of defendants, as he is held accountable by the Sofia City Court for evading taxes worth of BGN 62m.

The fact that the pseudo sociologists and the fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev are yoked together has been a public secret for years and becomes especially evident after a visit to the company registers of Bulgaria. It is exactly there that their partnership in Scientific and Technical Services – STS, a company dealing with scientific technologies in the field of stem cells, becomes apparent. The majority stock in the abovementioned company is held by Central TechnoInvest, which is featured in the Prosecutor’s Office’s list of 80 companies used by Tsvetan Vassilev to embezzle nearly BGN 4bn from CorpBank.

Formally, the owner of Central TechnoInvest is TTS IME VEST, which is also on that list of shell companies but is also a CorpBank borrower with €30,837,671 in outstanding loans. The scheme that the ex-banker employed to service the two sociologists is traditional: a shell company takes out an unsecured loan from CorpBank, transfers the money to another company, which in turn enters into partnership with the “right people” who reap benefits from the money of the duped depositors. The sociologists, on their part, readily assume the role of mediators between the Bulgarian Madoff and Bulgarian politicians. Of course, this service is rendered in exchange for generous remuneration.

It is no wonder that inasmuch as the pseudo sociologists are paid with the money stolen from CorpBank they often render services to the Fake News Factory personally headed by the indicted oligarch Ivo Prokopiev. It is not by chance that minutes after Raychev left the bTV studio his interview was related in details in the satellite websites of the Factory – Mediapool, Banker and Frognews.

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