Prokopiev dreams of Peevski on a sunny day

The holiday spirit has not left the Fake News Factory thanks to Ivo Prokopiev’s hard-working helpers and their relentless production of fake news about our publisher, lawmaker Delyan Peevski. The wave of insinuations against him started around Christmas time, did not abate during New Year’s Eve celebrations and continued in Capital.

The Fake News Factory’s flagship has spewed the latest fabrication regarding Peevski in an article with the headline “Georgi Gergov exits Sunny Day management”. According to the Capital piece, Gergov has left the management, while the firms, completely regular firms, are attached to Peevski without any evidence. Apparently, Capital’s publisher Prokopiev has dreamt of Peevski on a sunny day. However, this is one of the Factory’s main talking points against our publisher and it has been played on loop for several months now.

It was first introduced to the public back in October by another of the oligarchy’s websites Frognews, owned by Ognyan Stefanov, Agent Academician of the former State Security. Back then, it released an interview with the leader of the phantom political party Revival Kostadin Kostadinov, who alleged without evidence that Peevski was about to acquire the Sunny Day resort for chump change. His whole argument was built on the circumstance that the state provided Varna Municipality with a grant of BGN 43m to buy from Georgi Gergov a plot in the city’s downtown area that had become known as The Dump with the intention of cleaning it up. What is the connection between the municipal project and Gergov’s resort, let alone what does Delyan Peevski has to do with any part of this story, the interview does not bring clarity on those scores.

Whenever Prokopiev is in a creative slump, he must order his people to enter the Commercial Register and click randomly on a firm with the purpose of attaching it to Peevski. The Fake News Factory operates just like the propaganda machine of Goebbels, who believed that a lie repeated a hundred times becomes truth.

Meanwhile, in Frognews Ognyan Stefanov, aka Agent Academician, once again disseminated another of the Factory’s talking points – about a connection between Peevski and the construction of the Hemus Highway. Having already tried to drag the name of our publisher into the construction of another section of the motorway, now the oligarchy’s media outlets are giving it another go at manipulating the public opinion, once again involving Peevski.

But these are fake news items that have been disproven multiple times by the members of our media group. The same text repeats another talking point of the oligarchy, which links our publisher to the tobacco plant Yuri Gagarin, described by Agent Academician as “part of Peevski’s tobacco trust”. However, it is public knowledge, and easy to prove thanks to the country’s official registers, that our publisher sold his minority share in Bulgartabac back in 2016.

The latest fake news salvo against Peevski is actually an attempt to cover up for the indicted Prokopiev, the fugitive banker hiding in Belgrade Tsvetan Vassilev and their mentor, former PM Ivan Kostov. It is also a ploy to draw attention away from the pharmaceutical boss Ognyan Donev, as in the coming months he is expected to be found guilty and punished by the law for tax evasion to the tune of BGN 62m.

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