Political tensions in Spain as Sanchez fails again to win ally

Photo: EPA Pedro Sanchez (L), Pablo Iglesias, Madrid, 9 July.

Spain's Socialists said on Tuesday they would give up trying to install their leader Pedro Sanchez as prime minister if he failed to win two investiture votes later this month, which would raise the prospect of yet another parliamentary election, news wires reported.

Sanchez's party won elections in April but without enough seats to govern on its own. The Socialists' most likely ally for a 23 July investiture vote is far-left Unidas Podemos, but its leader Pablo Iglesias and Sanchez again failed on Tuesday to agree on an alliance. Podemos wants ministerial portfolios in a coalition government and accuses Sanchez of trying to impose a single party government unilaterally. The premier has so far only offered them junior posts. “The fear of new elections might ultimately force Unidas Podemos to support Sanchez, but the possibility of a repeat poll taking place in November cannot be discarded,” Antonio Barroso, managing director of political consultancy Teneo, told Reuters.



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