Poland dashes far-right hopes for EP alliance

Far-right parties' hopes of forging a powerful new bloc in the new European Parliament suffered a blow on Wednesday when Poland's ruling nationalists ruled out joining such a grouping due to sharp differences over many issues including relations with Russia, news wires reported. Italian Deputy PM and far-right League leader hoped to persuade Europe's nationalist parties to set aside their differences and form a 10-party European Alliance for People and Nations in the new assembly.

But, last week Hungary's nationalist PM Viktor Orban ruled out joining Salvini's eurosceptic group and on Wednesday Law and Justice party (PiS) Jaroslaw Kaczynski also expressed doubts. “When it comes to Mr Salvini, here we have a problem that he wants to create a new group with formations that we aren't able to accept,” he told Polish private Radio Wnet. “National Rally of France, belonging to Marine Le Pen, the Alternative for Germany, we cannot accept them under any circumstances.”

Le Pen's party, the Alternative for Germany and Salvini's League all have relatively good relations with Russia, a stance that PiS, which espouses traditional Catholic values and resistance to what it sees as Russian expansionism in Ukraine and elsewhere, does not share. The Polish party is expected to remain in the European Conservatives and Reformists grouping in the assembly.

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