PM Borissov: United and strong EU can serve as Arab world's role model

A united and strong European Union is a far more appropriate and powerful partner of the Arab world. The Arab world can take the EU as a role model of the rule of law and women's and children's rights, Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borissov said, addressing the opening of the 3rd EU-Arab World Summit: Shared Horizons, on 29 October in Athens, Greece, quoted by the government information service.

The Bulgarian head of government recalled the subject of Western Balkans connectivity. He stressed the enormous opportunities offered by the Balkans as a whole, saying that the idea of the quadrilateral meetings between Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and Serbia is to improve the competitiveness of the Balkan region. During the forum, he expressed hope that the construction of the Bulgaria-Greece natural gas interconnector will be finalised before the end of the year, and added that this matter will figure high on the agenda of his talks with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras in Varna (on the Black Sea) on 2 November.

Borissov stressed the need of setting up food hubs in the Balkans to assist the migrants' regions of origin. “The migration wave itself, which is overwhelming us in Europe and has literally wrecked quite a few countries, showed that we must think about Africa, about those countries in the world where famine is a problem,” the speaker argued.

In his opening address at the summit, Borissov cited Bulgarian-Greek relations as an example of good-neighbourliness and excellent partnership. “We never pursue a policy against third countries. With peace, understanding and cooperation, Bulgaria and Greece have always set an example of good-neighbourliness, irrespective of the political systems, irrespective of the political parties, we know that we have always been and must forever be friends with Greece,” Borissov added.

He noted that the meeting in Istanbul of the leaders of Germany, France, Russia and Turkey opened up fine prospects for a political settlement of the crisis in Syria.

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