Plovdiv to host Industry 4.0

Companies from nearly 40 countries will demonstrate modern solutions at the International Technical Fair

A Bulgarian company has invented a powerful solar collector - a global innovation to be exhibited at the International Technical Fair in Plovdiv. This is one of the sensations at the business forum for investment goods and technologies that will be held 24-29 September. The invention is a solar water-heating collector that absorbs up to 30% more solar energy as compared with existing systems of this type. The product has no analogues and is highly innovative, the company's experts maintain.

The Bulgarian invention will compete with products and services provided by companies from close to 40 countries. The participants will demonstrate current trends in engineering industry, electronics and electrical engineering, power economy and ecology, as well as water resource management, information technologies, robotics, automation, construction sector, chemical industry, mining, automobile industry and car service equipment.

One of the contenders in the innovations competition, which will single out the Grand Prix winners of the 74th International Technical Fair, is Prim - an integrated business system developed by a Bulgarian software company. This is a cloud service comprising corporate databases storing data on clients, sales, purchases, cash money, financing and - in the long run - optimising all processes. Prim will be demonstrated at the Infotex exhibition along with other smart inventions.

The Aquatex exhibition will present water processing technologies for industry and household use. It will display disinfection systems, filtration and water softening systems, lime prevention, as well as household appliances that will remove lime scale, heavy metals, viruses and bacteria, without treatment by chemical agents.

Cutting edge technologies will be also demonstrated at the Engineering Technology expo. Among the exhibits are laser installations for different metal processing operations devised by a renowned German company. Their new hit is based on a 3D technology and presents high-speed laser devices for two-dimensional and three-dimensional welding and cutting.

There will be a prize for one lucky visitor - a car which could be chosen out of seven models exhibited at a new expo, Auto City Plovdiv, an exhibition platform for 20 dealers in automobiles and buses.

The exhibits will open a new page for industry and launch a new stage in modernisation, experts conclude on the basis of the upcoming business forum's participant profiles. According to the expectations, it will be more comprehensive as compared with last year's event, while the exhibition area will be expanded by 20%. Over 30,000 experts from Bulgaria and Europe are expected to visit the International Technical Fair in Plovdiv - the biggest technological event in the Balkans.

The International Technical Fair is among the most prestigious business forums for investment goods and technologies in Southeast Europe. It outlines the parameters and perspectives of Industry 4.0, demonstrating innovative products offered by leading companies of the world.

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