Pinocchio resorts to lies to demand criminal prosecution for Bulgaria

Photo: BGNES Hristo Ivanov

After Bulgaria was declared guilty following the claim filed by Sasho Donchev (aka Gas Baron), who is also a straw political leader of Yes, Bulgaria, a party with oligarchic antecedents and financial support, the failed minister of justice Hristo Ivanov is going to demand criminal prosecution for Bulgaria.

Pinocchio, the nickname Ivanov was given thanks to his notorious handling of truth, and the right-hand man of former PM Ivan Kostov, Atanas Atanasov, leader of another political GMO in Bulgaria, Democrats for Strong Bulgaria (DSB), announced that they are intended to file a claim with the European Commission for starting legal proceedings against Bulgaria with regard to civil forfeiture of illegally acquired assets. To this end, they are planning to apply another procedure, under which Brussels wanted our country to explain how Bulgaria applied the EU directive concerning civil forfeiture of criminal assets. The delicate difference in this case makes the fact that the directive in question concerns criminal forfeiture and for this reason amendments were made to Bulgaria’s Criminal Procedure Code. It has nothing in common with civil forfeiture, which was introduced in Bulgaria under Brussels’ control and thanks to which our country was praised in the latest EU monitoring report. Despite the commendations, however, Ivanov and Atanasov are trying to bring it home that civil forfeiture runs contrary to the EU directive and the European legislation as such. This is a thesis which not only has nothing in common with reality but evidently caters to the interests of oligarchic mentors of this couple, i.e. Ivo Prokopiev and Tsvetan Vassilev, two indicted bosses whose property is under arrest. Regardless of the fact that the claims of these pseudo politicians of the right-wing are apparently fraudulent, their statements were quoted without a trace of criticism by almost all media outlets, published or financed by the oligarchic Fake News Factory. Such a claim will be just one more attempt to cancel civil forfeiture in Bulgaria following the adoption of interpretative ruling of the Supreme Court of Cassation pushed through by another man from the entourage of Prokopiev and Vassilev, namely Lozan Panov. At the end of 2018, it jeopardised several law suits and probes into illegally acquired property. This, in turn, was the reason for introducing urgent amendments to the Anti-Corruption Act, which guaranteed that civil forfeiture will be effected even when a criminal case is closed.

Now, after the attempt to obstruct the court decision on the confiscation of criminal bosses’ assets through this interpretative ruling was foiled, Ivanov and Atanasov go even further. Not only do they want the EU Commission to start proceedings and a court review, they also prompt to it a foregone decision. “We would demand that the EU confirms that The Anti-Corruption and Forfeiture of Illegal Assets Commission, in its mode of action and structure, violates the basic principles of the European system of justice,” Ivanov explained before journalists.

Expectedly, at his first appearance in the new year, Pinocchio did not forget about his usual line of roles – that of oligarchs’ mouthpiece and fed to their satellite media fake news about MP and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski. As an occasion for this he used the fact that at the end of this year the Supreme Constitutional Court (SCC) will have to elect new prosecutor general and maintained that the Supreme Judicial Council worked as “rubber stamp” sealing Peevski’s wants. These claims are not only ungrounded, they have nothing to do with reality. This didn’t hurt though to have it spread in the mass media in compliance with the wish of the Fake News Factory mentors to meet their fakes quota – at least one derogatory slur about Peevski every day.


The media which circulated the fake news of Ivanov and Atanasov are: Frognews, Club Z, Dnevnik, Capital, Offnews and

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