Peevski and the unending failures of Capital circle

Delyan Peevski

This year two events very important to Bulgaria by coincidence will happen at almost the same time. These events are the election of the new prosecutor general to take place on 24 October and local election, on 27 October.

This has stirred high emotions in the media of the Capital circle run by the “good oligarch” Ivo Prokopiev who has never hidden either his megalomaniac political ambitions or his apparent wooing of Themis.

Prokopiev’s dream chimes in with the dream of any nouveau riche in Bulgaria, i.e. a local oligarch. The dream is to win a golden slam or a triple crown, if we have to use sports terminology. To be more accurate they are dreaming of controlling “the media mainstream” (quoting Prokopiev himself), to get hold of political power levers and to rely on the obedient and dependent judicial system.

The first part of it is an apparent fact – Prokopiev has gained control over his own publications whilst a whole constellation of newspapers, websites, TV channels and “journalists under cover” who are working for his allegedly independent media outlets.

As regards his political projects, the privatiser who made bundles during the mass-scale plunder under Kostov’s rule, run aground invariably. His bids for political engineering are as numerous as his media outlets and Prokopiev does not spare his resources to support them. Nevertheless, when it comes to winning electoral support they remain impotent. Barking at lawmaker and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski drives to frenzy a very small crowd of professional protesters, no one else.       

As far as the judicial system is concerned, in this sphere Prokopiev has definitely made some achievements, because, as he himself admits, the magistrates, like chair of the Supreme Court of Cassation Lozan Panov and the ill-famed head of the Bulgarian Judges Association Kalin Kalpakchiev, are the “right magistrates”. The cherished hope of the oligarch, to win over to his side a prosecutor general who will be obedient and dependent on him, is about to be frustrated. None of this “right magistrates” did dare to run for the post and didn’t have the capacity for it, for that matter. 

That is the reason why Prokopiev who stands trial for the EVN affair has harnessed his entire media resource to attack the nominee for the prosecutor general Ivan Geshev. This attack, however, is not based on any rational arguments or evidence.

The flagship edition of Prokopiev’s media empire, Capital, writes, for instance: “The published statistical data about his performance (of Ivan Geshev – Ed.’s note) sounds impressive but it makes no sense and is useless.”  

It means that when the job of a magistrate is impressive and well done in the eyes of the Capital circle it is senseless and useless. In the opinion of Prokopiev, it is “useless and senseless” that while holding prosecutor’s office Ivan Geshev issued 2,969 acts based on judicial files, prepared a total of 4,218 provisions on pre-trial proceedings including letters and resolutions, issued 9 acts related to international legal cooperation in criminal cases, introduced to the court 230 prosecutor’s acts, took part in 711 court hearings. A total of 233 people were convicted under the prosecutor’s acts introduced by Geshev.       

Of no significance to the Capital circle is the fact that the Supreme Judicial Council, judges, prosecutors, State Revenue Agency and a number of law enforcement institutions unanimously upheld the candidacy of Geshev. In their opinion, the scandalous statement of the deputy prosecutor general is important: “Delyan Peevski is not indicted for the CorpBank affair. His name is not mentioned, same as the names of Putin and Obama.”

Well, yes, Delyan Peevski is not the target of investigation in the CorpBank case because he has never sat on the supervising or managing boards of the bank and has never been a shareholder in the financial pyramid of pharaoh Tsvetan Vassilev. True, his family drew loans from the bank but all of them have been duly paid off. The lawmaker doesn’t stand trial for the CorpBank assets and has no finger in the secondary looting of the bankrupt CorpBank.

These facts obviously grate on Ivo Prokopiev’s nerves. Faced with his diminishing influence over the judicial system and his perpetual political failures his last resort are propaganda ploys targeting Peevski based on open lies and libel.    


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