Peevski: A spoon of tar in a barrel of CorpBank honey

A certain journalist of Duma daily shows muscle to demonstrate that he is still alive and kicking. A commendable effort for a newspaper which now publishes more obituaries than opinion pieces. Commendable but not quite. Because there is a spoon of tar in a barrel of honey where the fugitive banker used to thrust his hand every day until the barrel was emptied. And this has made the analysis meaningless and turned into a fake.

This same fake is stillborn but is revived on a regular basis by pseudo-analysists of the Capital circle and manipulators of Stoyana Georgieva from the Mediapool website who impute to lawmaker and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski the non-existent ties with tobacco holding Bulgartabac.

Our attempts to count how many times this lie was aired and disproved have been futile. Because the Fake News Factory does not need special incentive. If it were not Bulgartabac it would have been something else, be sure that talking points targeting Peevski are never in deficit. However, it turns out that our colleagues of Duma are collecting fakes to circulate them when they decide to give up on obituaries which fill up the pages of their newspaper and choose to work as journalists for a while.  

The truth about CorpBank cropped up in Monitor as early as June to mark the fifth anniversary of this ‘heist of the century’. And the report was based strictly on facts. The Duma journalist, though, responses at a pace fitting to some yearbook and manages to hatch his “analysis” at the cost of hard labour only now.  Apparently during the long months which he needed to cope with this all-consuming task he was collecting the “leads”. But even that cost him strenuous efforts because instead of doing a favour to himself and see how professionals make such analyses he just nibbles around the edges resorting to fakes.

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