Oppressive shadow diplomacy

Peevski’s nomination for MEP switched on latent oligarchs’ lobbyists in EP

Delyan Peevski

The official start of the Euro vote campaign was announced in Bulgaria less than a week ago. The developments of the following five days can hardly be described logically, because they are barren of worldly logics but result from most vulgar hysteria. 

Actually this hysteria is not so much vulgar, in as much as panic has seized Bulgaria’s political and economic circles. And the reason for it is Delyan Peevski, long-term MP of the opposition party Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) and publisher of Telegraph Media who is running for MEP for the second time. Five years ago, Peevski won a seat in the EP after he garnered staunch support of the voters but then he gave up the post to stay in Bulgaria and to continue to work for the benefit of these same people who took out to the streets to support him, not only on the election day. In the years that followed, the MP has introduced a series of draft bills aimed at exposing the shady affairs of the Bulgarian oligarchy, such as the amendment to the Bank Insolvency Act, which forestalled the secondary looting of CorpBank and amendments to the Media Act which bring to light the financing (read – conductorship) of media in Bulgaria. Meanwhile, Peevski for the fourth time buttressed popular support and was elected MP. Then, why should it be a problem that now he is on the MRF Euro vote ticket, why did it unleash such an avalanche of fake news, disinformation, open propaganda and finally morphed into pure lobbyism?

Actually, there is no problem, there is fear. Many people fear that Peevski will change the status quo and clean the Augean stables, at least a little. These are all wealthy people, with good connections and they are very grudge bearing. They cannot afford to take the risk and see Peevski leaving for Brussels where he will expose oligarchs like Ivo Prokopiev, Tsvetan Vassilev, Ognyan Donev and Sasho Donchev before the European public. The latter for years on end have been doing their utmost to pass themselves off as ‘clean-handed businessmen’ who have short memory and offer a wide array of services – media coverage, lobbying, funds absorption, mergers, state assets’ sales - they are prepared to render all these services in order to get ‘entrepreneur’ status. When one is trying to erase the common name ‘oligarch’ from one’s CV one is prepared to sell his dearest at a discount price abroad.  

And, talking about ‘abroad’ – five days ago, a new attack against Peevski was launched abroad, again triggered in Bulgaria. An informer of the communist-era State Security agent guised as journalist is touring Europe and tries to cast slur on Peevski. Purportedly, Peevski is an oligarch and owns media outlets in Bulgaria. The Reporters without Borders don’t like him, and all that crap. Each and all are the disproved lies spread by the same shadowy bosses who are afraid of Peevski as MEP in Brussels.

However, the issue is different – Georgi Gotev (the Christian name of State Security agent Ivanov) for several days now has been trespassing the boundaries of paid journalism. He has started playing in some other field, namely lobbyism. And backstage lobbyism, at that. Because Gotev does not only openly lobby for his cronies, the oligarchs, but underhandedly (which is typical of the State Security agents) guises himself as journalist of a reputable European edition, tours the political factions in the EP to lobby against Peevski. And this becomes apparent from the materials which he releases afterwards, maybe in an attempt to show that he has accomplished the task.           

Thus, EurActive has already published a series of materials that clearly show that Gotev has already questioned all MEPs about Peevski. The first whom he visited were the Euro liberals (and the MRF belongs to this political family), then he landed at the camp of the Greens. One conclusion transpires from the articles: in the EP they do not know who the Bulgarian nominee is, and, to the persistent questions of Gotev who claims that Peevski is ‘the most prominent Bulgarian oligarch and universal evil’ they respond that ‘they don’t like evil people in principle’.

A typical Brussel’s way to tell that they are not interested in the subject of discussion. However, Gotev does not feel embarrassed and resorts to two protocol-defined sentences to assemble the next in a row manipulation.

And, behind all the movements of a drowning man only one fact transpires – the State Security agent is behaving like an underground lobbyist who in the shade is trying to suggest to the European politics that from now on Peevski is a public threat with whom they have to fight if, and when, he his elected. Thus the way is paved for the future attacks by the oligarchs. All these events, apart from being highly immoral, are not lawful. 

Because in Brussels they have a working European Lobby Registry listing the organisations that can push through such ideas. The reason for creating such a registry is simple – it should be clear that a man who talks to other people is not just engaged in small talk (or an interview), he is lobbying. Gotev’s conduct runs counter to the Euro rules and he apparently violates the clear-cut pan-European values, such as transparency of intensions and changing the will of the electorate. And, as d finale, expectably, Gotev is not listed in the European Lobby Registry. Unlike him, there is another name listed there, with the same surname – Goran Gotev. Is it by chance or not, this is the name of the son of the State Security informer guised as journalist.

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