On broken TV set of Democratic Bulgaria, zombies and Peevski

Delyan Peevski

The election of a new director of the Bulgarian National Television (BNT) did not meet the high requirements of Democratic Bulgaria party. Already before the name of the winner in the race was announced all twenty odd of the party activists were marshalled as a militant vanguard.

As early as several days before the event they were prepared to blow up social networks like a time bomb pushing forward their stock fake – that Peevski manipulated the election. After the name of Emil Koshlukov was announced somebody pushed the button, the broken TV set of Democratic Bulgaria was switched on and started broadcasting an allegedly live show with one central talking point – X is a servant of Peevski in BNT. The zombies of Democratic Bulgaria had to do only one thing – to replace X with the name of the elect.

The living “democratic” dead are those who rise from graves and set out for a festive trip across TV channels to spew out optimistic prognoses and explain how great they are with their 2-% support. During the rest of the time they report their meagre activity publishing all kinds of declarations lest they should be lost completely. For all of them there are several hospitable TV channels which promote them as public figures and “experts”. But the zombies who play the lead role in a parody of a political formation are not satisfied with that. They want all TV channels to bow the knee before them. To kiss the ground under their feet as they kiss the feet of their creator Ivan Kostov. The BNT lumpens of Kostov would have approved only of a person who would declare full and unconditional support to their cause – till his dying day to serve the man who actually buried the “democratic idea”.   

Since none of the candidates included this cause in their concepts they set in motion their laterna playing the fake that Peevski got control over the election of BNT director. And why shouldn’t they do so? If there are people who claim that Peevski interfered in the election of the Bulgarian National Radio director why shouldn’t they reiterate the same lie now?    

All media outlets of the behind-the-scenes clique have joined in the emergency smear campaign against the new director general of BNT and the attempts to link him with lawmaker and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski. The magazine of oligarch Ognyan Donev summed up the “reactions”. This is how they did it. Donev’s team toured all media specialising in smearing Peevski and made a collection of gems garnished with “concerns over the person who in fact gets hold of BNT and who will be the actual point-man of his own interests in the national media”.    

One by one the generators of fake news submitted their reports on the event. Alexander Andreev from the Bulgarian desk of Deutsche Welle was the first. He posted an insipid commentary comprising several sentences: “Koshlukov has been elected Director General of BNT. Does it mean that the media has fallen under someone’s control? The informed sources claim that Peevski and Borissov will actually take command behind his back. Is it true?” 

Second came the State Security agent Ilian Vassilev, aka agent Sasho.

With the enthusiasm of a Komsomol leader in the vanguard of the media hordes of the behind-the-scenes clique also comes the young hopeful of Yes, Bulgaria Ivailo Milchev: “Peevski and Borissov gained full control over the “public broadcasting”, BNT!”

Club Z, which gained notoriety for voicing only single-type opinions, even turned to Sonya Koltuklieva, the hanger-on of the fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev. The lady was quick to comment subserviently: “Emil Koshlukov was elected chief of BNT. They did the will of Delyan Peevski… Delyan Peevski already has two national TV channels. Kiril Domuschiev bought Nova TV for him, now the Council for Electronic Media (CEM) gifted BNT to him.”

We can bet that Capital, the flagship of the Fake News Factory, also made his due contribution to these cheap manipulations. How? By taking out of the oligarch’s pocket the worn-out talking point claiming that Delyan Peevski has influence over BNT.  

It is apparent that none of the schemers took the trouble to furnish at least one evidence to make their claims of such influence hold water. But why should the oligarchic media produce any evidence after the principle of Goebbels’ propaganda serves them well? A lie repeated a hundred times… something like a game of broken TV.

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