Oligarchy’s balloons pile on Peevski (SUMMARY)

The oligarchs’ theses burst like soap bubbles because they consist of fake news, slandering statements and insinuations

In the 1980s, one could find in Bulgarian shops this Ideal bubble gum brand, grandly advertised as “perfect for making bubbles”. To be honest, it was not good. The sweet flavour was quickly gone but it really did make excellent bubbles and it cost only 10 stotinka [the equivalent of a cent] so it was produced in massive quantities.

So that is the bubble gum product we are essentially being offered by a small group of indicted businessmen. Tsvetan Vassilev, the fugitive banker hiding from the Bulgarian justice in Belgrade; the “good oligarch” Ivo Prokopiev; the natural gas tycoon Sasho Donchev and the pharmaceutical boss Ognyan Donev operate a neat network of media outlets, obscure websites and mouthpieces to publicly disseminate theses in their own defence. These theses have the value of a bubble gum, which their own paid mouthpieces spit out in disgust, having chewed it for a moment in the convenient media outlets. The oligarchy’s talking points burst like soap bubbles because they consist of fake news, slandering statements and insinuations. The oligarchs and their servants target our publisher, MRF lawmaker Delyan Peevski and the reason is that, for years now, the publications of our media group have been combating fake news and exposing the shady deals of Tsvetan Vassilev, Ivo Prokopiev, Sasho Doncheva and Ognyan Donev, who now feel threatened by their troubles with the justice system.

These businessmen have all the characteristics of oligarchs – starting with Tsvetan Vassilev, aka the Bulgarian Madoff, who defrauded his bank’s depositors, and ending with his cronies, for whose businesses Bulgarians pay more than a steep price. It is true, all Bulgarians are forced to pay for the exorbitantly expensive power generated by the hydroelectric power plants, the years of monopoly position on the natural gas market, and drugs that can be found in neighbouring countries at prices several times lower.

The blissful existence of the oligarchy has been disrupted by its problems with the court system as well as several legislative initiatives involving Delyan Peevski. One example is the law designed to stop the secondary plundering of CorpBank. This is why a veritable army of pawns was dispatched to fight against Peevski by obediently parroting the talking points formulated by the fugitive banker in Belgrade and the Capital circle and the media outlets affiliated with it.

The journalists Ognyan Stefanov (agent Academician), Stoyana Georgieva and Sonya Koltuklieva, the self-proclaimed political analyst Daniel Smilov, the former State Security agent Iliyan Vassilev and even the failed politician Kasim Dal – they all dutifully sing the same song in the convenient media outlets: that Delyan Peevski is responsible for everything that happens in the country. Perhaps he should be blamed for the raging flu too…

Of course, accusations made by such people hold absolutely no weight and not simply because they have long disgraced themselves publicly but because of the fact that they are spreading outright lies. Another characteristic of these masters of disinformation bubbles is that they tend to speak as if from a position of highest moral authority, whilst doing the bidding of oligarchs like the abovementioned Tsvetan Vassilev, Ivo Prokopiev, Ognyan Donev and Sasho Donchev. Unlike them, our publisher has a well-established reputation of trust with the public. Moreover, in the investigations published in our media group, we always cite facts and evidence – something that every sensible person can check.

We do not expect for the soap bubble factory to stop its cheap fake-news attacks. But we staunchly believe that the truth comes out at the end. And when that happens, the bubble gums will end up where they belong – in the garbage bin. And the oligarchs will be held responsible for their actions by the competent authorities.

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