Oligarchy in role of Ostap Bender

Why so afraid of Peevski, dear behind-the-scenes players?

Tsvetan Vassilev, Ivo Prokopiev, Sasho Donchev and Ognyan Donev

“The countess with a changed face is running to the lake,” is the cryptic, and perhaps a bit crazy, telegram that Ostap Bender sends in an attempt to scare the underground millionaire Aleksandr Ivanovich Koreyko. This kind of veiled threat described by the authors behind these fictional characters, Ilya Ilf and Yevgeni Petrov, has been rediscovered by the paid scribblers of the shadowy bosses in Bulgaria.

If you go to the trouble of perusing the writings of the indicted oligarchs’ media outlets of the past 10 days, you will notice what is either a tendency to adopt Bender’s method or a case of short-circuiting. The media factory controlled by indicted oligarchs such as Ivo Prokopiev, Tsvetan Vassilev, Ognyan Donev and Sasho Donchev is working at maximum capacity.

It was all triggered by the announcement of the MEP candidacy of lawmaker of the opposition party Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski. This is his second time running for the position – in 2014 Peevski had a tremendous showing at the European Parliament elections but later decided to stay in Bulgaria and help his supporters that way. Apparently, this time many people are scared by the prospect of Peevski going to Brussels and using that prominent platform to expose the oligarchs’ shady deeds. This is why their paid scribblers are making desperate moves. They are running lies with all sorts of incredible messages with the sole purpose of blocking Peevski’s MEP candidacy. Just a day ago, the public was bombarded with articles insinuating that a Nova TV journalist has been fired over a question she asked about Peevski.

The fabrication alleges that Nova TV journalist Viktoriya Behar (who has not been working as a journalist for a while but as an administrative manager in the network – editor’s note) was fired because she asked a question about Peevski at a production meeting. Old and false talking points peek out from the article – like the one that the lawmaker controls Channel 3 (a circumstance that is easy to check in the Commercial Register but who cares about these things really – editor’s note) or that the new TV executive Milyana Veleva is a “person of Peevski”. The whole article is full of lies and even leaves the reader uncertain as to whether Behar was fired or quit of her own volition. The piece is based on sound journalistic sources of the a-woman-said type but that did not prevent it from spreading like wildfire through the media outlets of the indicted oligarchs.

The oligarchs’ nonsense seems to know no end. Their smear campaign’s goal is to send Peevski a message of the type “Load oranges in barrels. Brothers Karamazov”. In other words – they are sending him coded threatening messages and waiting to see if those work.

A bit later came another message, Ostap-Bender style. Instead of the fictional character’s “The ice has started breaking up. I will command the parade”, the Factory produced a confusing fake news about Peevski and… Mars. The handling of the MRF lawmaker’s MEP candidacy is the latest evidence of the media battering rams’ inadequacy. The behind-the-scenes clique’s talking points are such that their stupidity sometimes leaves the readers in a state of stupor. At times, one wonders what were the authors thinking when going over the talking points and whether these people lack common sense and any semblance of logic.

It is a retelling of an absurd material in an even more absurd newspaper (owned by a natural gas tycoon) that starts out of thin air and heads somewhere to finally reach its goal of proclaiming Peevski to be guilty!

A talking point here, a talking point there and the dear readers of the abovementioned newspaper Sega wind up on Mars only to find there who? Peevski, of course! In his attempt at originality, the author legitimises an absurd “civil society” organisation that is actually created with the sole absurd goal of serving the absurd fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev in his absurd attempts to cover up the plundering of CorpBank and make the lender’s failure out to be an absurd coincidence in an absurd way. I am sure you caught the repetition in that sentence. This is how the employees of the natural gas tycoon Sasho Donchev serve the interests of the oligarchs in his close circle – by repeating things ad nauseam. Peevski here, Peevski there; the way things are going, we would not be surprised if his name pops up in an article about Swan Lake. The good thing is that the natural gas oligarch and his pawns, with all their media stunts, have no time for art events so at least that sphere of life is safe from their presence. They probably associate the word “swan” with Lozan Panov (editor’s note – because of his wife’s nickname).

This naturally brings us to the question: “Why so afraid of Peevski, dear behind-the-scenes players?” The answers are at least three. First, the indicted oligarchs in Bulgaria probably put their pawns to work to defame Peevski out of fear that he may go to Brussels and expose their shady deals by using the EP platform. Second – the hired pens are so hell-bent on carrying out their orders that they are not concerned with facts and evidence in the slightest. Third – over the years, both Peevski and we, the Telegraph Media outlets, have proven that the law is sacred to us and that we always abide by it, no matter how unaccustomed to such a behaviour others may be. But all of that does not stop the oligarchy from trying to act like Ostap Bender. However, it would seem that this is too heavy of a task for them because they sound more like the sidekick of the great manipulator, whose favourite thing is shouting “They are beating Panikovski!”





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