Oligarchy churns out fake news about Delyan Peevski round the clock

Delyan Peevski

A veritable tsunami of fake news is inundating social media through the websites of indicted oligarchs. The main target of these tall tales is the sworn enemy of the behind-the-scenes clique – lawmaker and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski. In the span of days, the Fake News Factory conducted by Ivo Prokopiev, Tsvetan Vassilev, Ognyan Donev and Sasho Donchev, has generated a wave of fake news items. The technology behind this fake-news terror is simple but reliant on dozens of cogs working round the clock to make the machine for lies operate.

The best illustration is the website Frognews, owned by Ognyan Stefanov, aka agent Academician of the State Security. The former operative of the obscurantist agency has been on fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev’s payroll for years and serving as his press office. Additionally, he is tasked with filling the internet with outright lies about Delyan Peevski. You probably wonder how a negligible website, whose only readers are the fugitive banker’s family and closest friends, could have such a strong presence in search engines and often manage to position itself at the top of list results.

A complex network of pawns makes that happen. The first level in it is comprised of the so-called online spokespeople. These include the disgraced journalist Sonya Koltuklieva, another State Security agent in Iliyan Vassilev and the fugitive banker’s NGO Boets. Between all of them, a minimum of one post rife with lies about Peevski is made every single day. As this content is posted on Facebook, the next step is for Frognews to “copy-paste” it, usually accompanied by a link to the actual social media post. This is the first indicator for search engines that a new article has appeared and they immediately enter the information in its index.

Frognews itself, however, is not particularly popular on social media and therefore needs additional assistance to appear at the top of Google search results. To that end, dozens of obscure shell websites are deployed to further spread the posts made by Vassilev’s paid mouthpieces, this time around citing Frognews as a source. Thanks to this scheme, fake news and slandering information about Peevski has inundated the internet over the past week.

Here are some of them:

MRF outcast spews fake news about Peevski

The latest serving of lies about enemy number one of the shady political and economic circles in Bulgaria, lawmaker and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski, came courtesy of the Fake News Factory last Sunday. The media machine for manipulations owned by indicted oligarchs used as a source Movement for Rights and Freedoms outcast Kasim Dal.

In an interview for bTV, the failed politician stumbled all over his attempt to parrot a thesis authored by several indicted oligarchs – namely, that Peevski supposedly protects corporate interests. Dal was way more skillful in omitting the fact that Peevski is among the few to have stood up against the corporate interests suffocating the Bulgarian state and citizens over the past years.

Delyan Peevski has served as lawmaker in several consecutive parliaments. He won more votes than the “modern urban rightwing” at the last elections. He is among the MPs who drafted some of the most significant recent amendments to the legislative framework, which are designed to illuminate the media’s dependencies and stop the plundering of the assets of CorpBank, whose failure was engineered by the oligarchy. He is the publisher of Telegraph Media, whose publications have been tirelessly exposing, with facts and evidence, the behind-the-scenes players’ shady deals for years. Naturally, all of this has annoyed certain people to no end so they decided to “save” society from the people who may open its eyes to these wrongdoings.

The goal is clear – to turn free Bulgaria into a morass again, where the interests of media-owning oligarchs would thrive, conveniently hidden from the justice system behind labels such as “elite” and “honest businessman”, so often used by indicted businessmen like Tsvetan Vassilev, Ognyan Donev and Ivo Prokopiev. The three get media support from yet another oligarch – Sasho Donchev, he of the natural gas industry who has been stealing from Bulgarian consumers for years.

Who is talking?

Kasim Dal was expelled from the MRF in February 2011. Only a month later, he had already created his own political organisation – People’s Party “Freedom and Dignity”, putting as its figurehead leader his fellow MP of the previous parliament Korman Ismailov. By founding the organisation, Dal essentially confirmed the rumours that even before he resigned as deputy leader of the party and was later expelled from it, he had been travelling the country, telling people he would create parallel party structures. Shortly after its founding and dismal showing at the general elections (in coalition with the National Movement for Stability and Progress), the People’s Party “Freedom and Dignity” joined the Reformist Bloc.

The media outlets that disseminate the lie: Dnevnik, Actualno.bg, Frognews

Bulgartabac – inexhaustible inspiration for fake news about Peevski

The Fake News Factory has not got tired of recycling the eternal fake news about imaginary ties of lawmaker and our publisher Delyan Peevski to the tobacco holding Bulgartabac. Over the weekend, the information that the company was shuttering its Blagoevgrad plant started swirling in the internet. True to its methods, the Fake News Factory pounced on that opportunity to sink its teeth into the topic again and connect it to Peevski. In the early hours of Saturday, the news popped up on Mediapool, the website of the fake news godmother Stoyana Georgieva. Following the motto “where there is Bulgartabac, there is Peevski”, Mediapool rushed to describe our publisher’s non-existent ties with the company. As is tradition, mere hours later the same talking points could be seen in Capital and on Club Z, the website of Ognyan Donev, who is charged with tax evasion to the tune of BGN 62m. These assertions of the Fake News Factory, however, have been disproven by our publications numerous times. The truth is that Peevski sold his minority share in Bulgartabac back in 2016 and no longer has any ties with the holding.

The old Bulgartabac topic was picked up again at the end of last year, when the Factory conducted by oligarch Ivo Prokopiev circulated an article about new construction projects in Sofia. Peevski’s name was dropped out of the blue in the article, which, for the thousandth time, explained that he intended to develop the plot where the old Sofia – BT factory once stood. The article was void of concrete facts and noted that “companies close to Peevski” would be doing the construction. This talking point is a particular favourite of the Fake News Factory and one it invariably resorts to when in a creative slump, following Joseph Goebbels’s principle that a lie repeat a hundred times becomes a truth. Bulgartabac is also one of the four requisite talking points in fake news about Peevski, along with the ones about public procurement contracts in the construction sector, CorpBank and the legislation designed to shed light on media ownership. After the proposed amendments to the Bank Insolvency Act intended to stop the secondary plundering of CorpBank were passed last March, the Factory suddenly ceased spreading its talking points about the bank and turned back to fake news about construction projects and Bulgartabac. This all comes amidst the Prosecutor’s Office’s revelations about Russian ties of the fugitive banker and his friend Nikolay Banev, as well as the indictments of money launderers for the Bulgarian Madoff who last Saturday were charged and left in custody. The sole purpose of the entire Fake News factory is to cover up the shady deals of Tsvetan Vassilev, who is hiding from the Bulgarian justice in Belgrade. A week ago, Stoyana Georgieva betrayed the fact that she is serving Vassilev’s interests. Perhaps her website Mediapool received generous financial support from a Belgrade source in exchange.Prokopiev

Meanwhile, Capital, which often resorts to meta tags mentioning the name of our publisher with no relation to the article’s content just so that the piece appears higher on search result lists, has disseminated the latest fake news. In an article about the modernisation of the Bulgarian Air Force and the purchase of new fighter planes, Prokopiev’s lackeys insert the public procurement topic, outrageously dragging Peevski’s name into the toll collection system subject without any specifics or facts. It remains to be seen whether this becomes the latest talking point constantly regurgitated by the Factory.

Read the Fake News section for daily updates on the oligarchic battles of the behind-the-scenes clique, which would like nothing more than for people to live in the dark and let themselves be defrauded. Whether you fall into that trap or not is up to you!

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