Oligarchy attacks Peevski with fake tags

Delyan Peevski

Tag games. This seems to be the slogan of the latest campaign that is being conducted by the oligarchs and their Fake News Factory media against our publisher, MP Delyan Peevski.

After running out of ideas for fake news to sling at him and dusting off all their old talking points, now the cogs of the slandering machine ran by Ivo Prokopiev and Ognyan Donev, indicted crime bosses posing as publishers, are employing another tactic. They have apparently decided there is no need to go to the trouble of making up fake news against Peevski. Instead, they can simply write his name in the tags of articles that have nothing to do with him. This way, when an internet user enters “Delyan Peevski” in the Google search engine the results will list all sorts of negative news items, even though they are not connected to Peevski in any way.

The campaign was launched by Club Z, owned by Ognyan Donev, who is being tried for gross tax evasion. In a lengthy article, the website explains how a Roma man won a case against the country’s biggest weekly newspaper for a discriminatory piece. With the help of the grant-funded Bulgarian Helsinki Committee, he filed a claim against the publication before the Commission for Protection against Discrimination and won. In the process, it turned out that the newspaper’s address of registration was fake and neither of its journalists had contracts of employment. The weekly newspaper has nothing to do with Peevski or his media group Telegraph Media, of which we are a part. He is not even mentioned in the article. And yet, his name is among the tags, key words that Google uses to pull up results for any given search by users.

It is an absurd manipulation, on two levels at that, but it allows the website to fulfill its mentors’ instruction for at least one fake new item against the lawmaker a day.

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