Oligarchs start New Year with fake news attack against Peevski

Media law amendments have brought to light their hookups

A group of indicted oligarchs have launched real media fireworks targeting Delyan Peevski, MP of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms and publisher of Telegraph Media. To this end they employed the New Year surveys of the past year and analytical commentaries published in their media outlets.

The shadowy bosses, who for years have been trying to cultivate a public image of themselves being 'pure publishers' in order to secure a media shield protecting them from the probes into their longtime shady affairs, have declared Peevski their No.1 enemy. The reason for that is simple - the legislative initiatives launched by Peevski and his colleagues from the Movement for Rights and Freedoms are shedding light on the oligarchs' criminal deeds. These initiatives are an attempt at forestalling them. Notable examples of that are the recent normative amendments which bring to light the ownership and financing of Bulgarian publications.

In an attempt to blur the effect of these amendments, which were enforced right before the New Year, the websites controlled by the oligarchs spewed out a series of fake news about Peevski. Two things characterise each one of them - the news contain absolutely false information and they immediately target the MP in question. The most exemplary in this respect is the article that appeared in the publication of pharmaceutical boss Ognyan Donev who is indicted for gross tax evasion of BGN 62 million. In other words, the oligarch 'forgot' to declare incomes worth at least BGN 620 million and now he is held accountable to the law.

What share of these stolen millions Donev invested in his website Club Z, which he uses for squaring accounts with those whom he sees inconvenient, is not clear. However, it is apparent from the strenuous efforts the contributors to Club Z put into whitewashing the image of their publisher that the financial incentives are generous. Otherwise the oligarch's publication reiterates its favourite talking point, namely that two-thirds of the media outlets in Bulgaria belong to Peevski. This is a lie that can be easily checked out in the registries of media owners with the Ministry of Culture as well as in the Commercial Register. But the aim of these lucubrations is not to tell the truth but to spread lies about the eternal foe of the shadowy bosses, Delyan Peevski.

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