No rest for Boets’s smearing campaign against Peevski

The world has welcomed 2020, but fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev’s NGO Boets is still living in the past year. And relying on its old lies and insinuations. As early as 2 January, the organisation serving the interests of the Bulgarian Madoff demonstrated loyalty to its tradition and lobbed in the public space, like a New Year’s firework, the fake news that it was going to sue the Ministry of Interior over its handling of the protests against (then-candidate for prosecutor general) Ivan Geshev.

So far so good. No rest for the wicked, one might say. Besides, everyone knows that the public demonstrations against Ivan Geshev were organised by that very same NGO of the banker, who syphoned off CorpBank and holed himself up in Belgrade so that he can proceed to lecture others from his foreign platform in a tone-deaf way that showed complete lack of awareness of his own misdeeds as the head of the financial institution. But where in this picture is the place of lawmaker and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski?

So it does not admit defeat and betray its dependencies, the fugitive banker’s NGO shamelessly ties the name of Peevski to the counter-protests held in support of Geshev. Without bothering to prop up its lies and insinuations with actual arguments, of course, because, apparently that is just what puppet NGOs do. Naturally, the platform for this nonsense was once again the unofficial press office of the fugitive banker – the website Frognews of former State Security agent Ognyan Stefanov, aka Agent Academician.

The bad news for Agent Academician and his likeminded and equally shameless and arrogant buddy Georgi Georgiev, chairperson of Boets, is that we, the publications of Telegraph Media – the newspapers Telegraph, Monitor, Politika and Europost and the Monitor News Agency – will continue to expose the truth about their sponsor, the Bulgarian Madoff, who in the year of the rat undoubtedly plans to keep hiding like one. By now, it is a public secret who is behind these shameless actions and why that person is furiously pulling the strings of his puppets. Just to make sure that the restless wicked (Boets, that is) understand this too, let us spell out the role of the Bulgarian Madoff – organiser, or in other words, the boss.

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