New Romania's cabinet wins confidence vote, EC team to be completed

The move ends the political political deadlock, that has led to a delay in Commission's formation as well

Photo: EPA New PM Ludovic Orban during the swearing in ceremony at the Presidential Palace, Bucharest, 4 November.

The new Romanian government of PM Ludovic Orban won a confidence vote in Parliament on Monday, ending a political crisis that has also delayed the formation of the new European Commission, news wires reported. Orban's minority centrist cabinet was backed by 240 lawmakers, seven votes above the required 233.

The Social Democrat Party, which was ousted from government in a no-confidence vote led by Orban’s National Liberal Party on 10 October, and the smaller centre-left grouping Pro Romania largely boycotted the vote.

The new PM now is expected to make a quick nomination for Romania’s commissioner.

“We will take this decision as soon as possible, after talking with the president. It (the proposal) will be the best one for Romania,” Orban told reporters after the vote.

He also said he would undo some fiscal and judicial measures approved by the Social Democrats that have been criticised by diplomats and investors.

“We must assume the responsibility of making the justice system ... independent in Romania, without interference from politicians and other institutions,” he told lawmakers.

His cabinet will be in place until a parliamentary election is held next year, but is likely to struggle to win support from among the fragmented opposition to secure majorities for each bill.


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