New fake news salvo against Peevski

Old friends of Tsvetan Vassilev enter stage to hide the wrongdoings of leftwing lawmaker Elena Yoncheva

Elena Yoncheva

The oligarchy’s servants fired a powerful fake news salvo against our publisher, Movement for Rights and Freedoms lawmaker Delyan Peevski, in order to sink the story about leftwing MP Elena Yoncheva’s wrongdoings. As has already been revealed, she laundered €300,000 that was stolen by Tsvetan Vassilev from CorpBank depositors through the company Offroad.

In the scheme, which was carried out between 13 June 2012 and 6 November 2014, the journalist, a self-proclaimed champion for social justice, received remuneration of BGN 12,700 a month. To put things in perspective, the minimum salary for the country during that period was BGN 270, meaning Yoncheva earned an amount equivalent to 47 minimum-salary paychecks every month.

The first to fire his shot was her colleague Anton Kutev. He is a former personal friend of Tsvetan Vassilev and apparently trying to forget this fact. His words are truly indicative of who pocketed the bags of money personally given out by the fugitive banker – officially and unofficially. Kutev showed equal level of arrogance, appearing on a bTV programme to try and defend Yoncheva. As the ARGO-gate shorthand records revealed some time ago, the indicted oligarch Ivo Prokopiev has control over the media mainstream, i.e. the major TV networks, so Kutev’s appearance hardly surprised anyone. Naturally, the socialist wasted no time spreading fake news about Delyan Peevski.

What is more stunning is that he even used the opportunity to say that Peevski took BGN 800m from CorpBank. He seemed to be taken aback by the fantastical amount himself, later substituting it with “hundreds of millions”. For his benefit, let us remind that the Bulgarian Madoff hiding in Belgrade is charged for defrauding CorpBank depositors of BGN 2.5bn. With the help of figureheads and shell companies, he laundered the money and like a true pyramid-scheme fraudster left a hole of BGN 4.7bn in the lender’s books. Kutev has obviously forgotten that Delyan Peevski, together with his MRF colleagues Hamid Hamid and Yordan Tsonev, introduced to parliament “the CorpBank amendment”, which eventually untied the hands of the bank’s bankruptcy administrators to retrieve the assets stolen in the secondary plundering of the financial institution.

As we have written multiple times, Delyan Peevski is not a defendant on any cases related to CorpBank assets and his family has repaid the one loan it took out from the bank. Kutev was among the biggest opponents of the legislation designed to introduce more transparency to media ownership and proposed by our publisher and his fellow MRF lawmakers Velislava Krasteva, Hamid Hamid and Yordan Tsonev. Thanks to this amendment, already adopted by the National Assembly, in May we will know how the Fake News Factory is being financed. Anton Kutev, who is vice-president of the parliamentary group of the Bulgarian Socialist Party, sat on the Board of Directors of the electricity distribution company CEZ for three years during the Stanishev Cabinet. He will now have to answer the question how much he was paid by CEZ as a representative of the “red mafia” in the company that stole from Bulgarian citizens with inflated electricity bills.

Ognyan Stefanov, founder of Frognews website, who is also indicted for tax evasion to the amount of BGN 270,000, also threw his weight behind Yoncheva. Ognyan Stefanov, is generally known as an agent of the State Security Agency, alias Agent Academician. He started dreaming of Peevski being arrested regardless of the fact that the lawmaker was probed into by the State Revenue Agency and the Commission for Anti-Corruption and Illegal Assets Forfeiture. Apart from evading taxes, Agent Academician made bankrupt his own newspaper, Tornado, and the journalists were left without salaries. Together with the late Mladen Mutafchiiski, who was his partner in several websites, he embezzled BGN 1m from the Sunny Beach resort. The paradox is that at that time his partner Mutafchiiski was a member of the resort’s directors’ board. To make the disinformation scope wider, Daniel Bozhilov, a man of the Bulgarian Madoff from We the Citizens NGO sponsored by Vassilev, appeared in Frognews. Bozhilov spread the fake news that Peevski had assets in CorpBank. The fact is though that Peevski doesn’t own any of the bank’s enterprises and the whole ‘booty’ is in the hands of Bozhilov’s sponsor, Tsvetan Vassilev. Instead of spreading fake news Bozhilov should better say when Vassilev will come back to Bulgaria and return the plundered money. And how he himself and his wife live on “donations” from Belgrade. Another prominent State Security agent keeps company to Bozhilov in the NGO, Vera Ahundova, whom the Files Commission announced as being an agent nine times.


Оligarchs are dreaming of their pocket prosecutor general


The oligarchs dream about their own prosecutor general in order to cover up their billion-worth thefts. Oligarch Ivo Prokopiev is a defendant in two lawsuits: EVN and for money laundering and concealing output and concession duties of Kaolin. Following this affair the Anti-Corruption Commission arrested his and his wife’s joint assets worth of BGN 200m as the source of funds was not proved. As for the other shady affair, the one with EVN, it let Prokopiev to pocket BGN 1,3m as he was a mediator in the sale of the state stake in Energo via his company Bulbrokers. Another oligarch, Lord of the Pills Ognyan Donev, is indicted for tax evasion to the tune of BGN 62m.

Half of their dream to lay hands on the justice system came true thanks to judge of the oligarchy, Lozan Panov. Only his clock is ticking inexorably. Less than three years are left till the end of his term of office. Within this time Panov has to meet his commitments and fulfill the oligarchs’ orders, i.e. to cover up their plunders because they are scared stiff of retribution. It is not by chance that Lozan Panov always heartily welcomes in his office the pawns of the fugitive banker from Boets association.

The current oligarchy boasts two moments of glory: one before 10 November, when the “red families” ruled in Bulgaria and the second after 10 November, when they appropriated assets worth of BGN 20bn for peanut money. They are dreaming of restoring the death camps, like the one in Belene, which their fathers and grandfathers kept in Bulgaria and to send there all those who are inconvenient to them and make these people extinct forever.


Telegraph Media will launch a series of journalistic inquiries about BGN 300m which disappeared from TV7 and will reveal the names of the journalist on Tvetan Vassilev’s payroll.

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