Mehmed Dikme joins the chorus against Peevski

Delyan Peevski

The former minister of agriculture Mehmed Dikme recently joined the chorus of the Fake News Factory against lawmaker and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski, this time dragging the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) into the mess. He appeared on a bTV programme to offer comments on pressing topics, including a malfeasance scandal involving EU-funded guesthouses intended for public use as inexpensive lodging.

During the on-air conversation, however, he did not fail to mention both the MRF and Peevski, saying that “the MRF deserves to be involved in the government but as a reformed MRF, without Ahmed Dogan, Delyan Peevski, Yordan Tsonev, Mustafa Karadayi and Ramadan Atalay”. And yet, just minutes later Dikme contradicted himself by saying that PM Boyko Borissov is currently partnering with the MRF.

This schizophrenic behaviour of a man who is now out of politics has its rational explanation. For a while now, the oligarchic circles in Bulgaria have been trying to publicly push the thesis that the MRF is part of those in power, including Peevski, who is an MP representing the party. This thesis does not hold water not only because it is false but because it makes no sense – the MRF is an opposition party and has no part in the government of the country.

The desire of the shadowy circles to insinuate that the MRF and Peevski have influence over everything and everybody is understandable – it is the only way for them to hammer the talking point that the lawmaker in question is the biggest force of evil in Bulgaria. After all, if a man has no power how is he supposed to be keeping everybody under his thumb, as the Fake News Factory owned by the oligarchs insists all the time. Dikme’s TV appearance was quickly exploited by the behind-the-scenes clique’s media. Surely, that is what these outlets were waiting – for someone somewhere to mention Peevski so that they can spin their words in the constant cycle of insinuations blaming the lawmaker for everything without legitimate reason. Shortly after Dikme’s segment on the bTV programme, his thoughts on the guesthouse issue were pushed to the background as Frognews of Ognyan Stefanov, aka agent Academician of the State Security, ran an article starting with his words against Peevski. Of course, the goal is to keep Peevski’s name out there and leave readers with the impression that everything in Bulgaria is decided by Peevski. Apropos, Dikme left the MRF more than 10 years ago, vowing that he would never say a bad word about the party. Apparently, he has re-examined that decision and is changing his tune, talking about reshuffling in the party leadership and Dogan’s influence.

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