May looks at second Brexit referendum options

British PM Theresa May has carried out “scenario planning” for a second Brexit referendum in case she is forced by parliament to hold one, the Daily Telegraph newspaper reported on Monday. She is hoping to find a way to get parliament to approve a Brexit plan without another public vote, but talks with the opposition Labour Party on a compromise exit strategy have yet to reach an agreement.

May has already had discussions with officials and ministers about holding a referendum that would give voters the choice between leaving the EU with a deal, leaving without a deal, or not leaving at all. The newspaper cited unnamed government sources, who said the referendum plan would only become relevant if talks with Labour failed and a majority in parliament supported holding another public vote.

So far May has publicly opposed holding a second referendum. She has said that if talks with Labour fail, parliament will be asked to vote on series of options on how to break the impasse, but those options have not been decided yet. Talks with Labour, which has pledged conditional support for a second referendum, are due to resume on Tuesday.

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