Lies about Peevski: full cycle

Within 24 hours the Fake News Factory has revolved a whole cycle of their regular lies about our publisher, MP Delyan Peevski. For years on end the media financed by the Bulgarian oligarchy have been circulating lies about Peevski focusing on three areas: construction business, Bulgartabac holding and media monopoly.

Within mere 24 hour the Fake News Factory has managed not only to meet their daily quota of fake publications, but also posted a whole work-book of it. The Mediapool of the ex-spokesperson of Ivan Kostov, Stoyana Georgieva, has again invented a story about a randomly chosen construction firm allegedly connected with Peevski. And if GP Group and GBS are winning big tenders on a regular basis, the PST group has not managed to win a single tender in recent years. The reason is that the company is associated with the firm of MP Delyan Peevski, although the documents prove that he has nothing to do with it,” Mediapool writes without any scruples.  

The fact that the Trade Registry, which even the Reporters without Borders rank among the reliable sources, clearly specifies who is the owner of the abovementioned firm and evidences that Peevski has nothing to do with it does not bother the authors of this fiction. The Mediapool readily admits that they do not make friends with the truth and the truth is not an important part of their publications. What is important to them is to strike the “inconvenient” company and to fling mud on the “inconvenient” person.

The newspaper of the Bulgarian Socialist Party, Duma, also demonstrates low transmitting capacity for fake information. In an article about the firms comprising the tobacco holding Bulgartabac they propel an allegation that “according to the news media, they are controlled by MP of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms Delyan Peevski.” Seemingly, this is a reliable politically-oriented newspaper, but nevertheless it dares copying false info published in compromised media instead of checking it out in companies’ registries.

Another protege of the Commander (Ivan Kostov) – Neli Ognyanova – in her turn, would never miss a chance to stir up noise and carry on propaganda against the draft bill introduced by Peevski and his colleagues of the MRF Yordan Tsonev, Hamid Hamid and Velislava Krasteva aimed at ensuring media transparency. By hook and by crook they are trying to block the amendments that would expose the dirty bonds of the oligarchs and the media. That is why even if there are no facts on the ground, Ognyanova would reiterate in her blog the old talking points while the fanlike websites of the Fake News Factory will readily spread them.

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