Kosovo ready to seek compromise with Serbia

Ramush Haradinaj (L) and Hashim Thaci (R).

Kosovo is ready for a compromise deal with Serbia to resolve long-standing issues between the countries, President Hashim Thaci said in a letter to US President Donald Trump. “I will be ready and willing to make compromises necessary to reach a comprehensive and balanced settlement that will encompass all outstanding issues,” Thaci said in a letter dated 8 January, but published only now.

In June Thaci said he would seek a solution with Serbia by “correcting borders”, but politicians and analysts in Kosovo said that would mean land swaps. His plan rang alarm bells among Balkan neighbours and Western governments who saw it as a move to take three Serbian municipalities inhabited mainly by ethnic Albanians.

Separately, Kosovo PM Ramush Haradinaj proposed in a letter to the US, France, Germany, Italy and the UK an international conference to complete a final agreement with Serbia to normalise ties between the former foes. Haradinaj said Kosovo would then revoke a 100% tariff on Serb and Bosnian goods, imposed last year. According to the PM, the US and EU should be the guarantors of the conference results and their application.

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