Koltuklieva and Kulezich: facelifts and Botox are journalist’s best friends

Both spew lies to earn the money paid by fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev

Sonya Koltuklieva

These two ladies are real trend-setters among journalists, they flaunt facelifts and Botox as a clever way to stay afloat in media business. They have tightened their skin, erased wrinkles and now stick their noses up in the air. Lyuba Kulezich and Sonya Koltuklieva are the servitorial staff of the fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev.

The first one reduced her service to commissioned interviews, the second received from him a generous fee which she didn’t mention in her tax return. If one has to say who of these two media concubines is closer to the ex-banker’s heart then it would be definitely Kulezich. Unlike her colleague, who has long fallen to the level of gossipmonger in the estimation of the public and hit the rock bottom, Kulezich is standing tall.

 “Journalism may be no less dirty business than politics provided you use it as a curbside junkyard for a price. However it is too late for me to try myself at such a foul dealing,” she confided on air minutes before the next in a row interview with the fugitive banker. The TV appearances of the Bulgarian Madoff are carefully planned, the questions are diligently sorted out, he could well asked them himself. His spouse Antoanetta Vassileva also favours her husband’s “media better half” and doesn’t feel jealous of her as it often happened in other times.       

To avoid gaffes in the media coverage of the Bulgarian Madoff’s family he exerts remote control over the interviewers who devotedly whitewash his image. Some of them even travel to Belgrade to get instructed. Koltuklieva, however, no longer gets access to the right side of the boss, alas, this is in the past now. Despite her attempts to earn the admiration of her boss again Vassilev is aware that she is no longer doing her job well and does not pay heed to her melodramatic posts on Facebook and photoshopped pictures where she tries to reproduce her youthful looks. Madam Sonya is vitriolic and picky but only with those who stand in the way of her boss. To those whose fancy she wants to catch Sonya always pays compliments and declares love in soft voice.

Eventually the two icons of paid media love realised how close they were and now stick together. Kulezich started inviting her “sister” to her TV studio which she turned into a public platform for the ex-banker facing charges for syphoning off CorpBank. Koltuklieva, on her part, repays in kind pulling such a wry face on air that Kulezich may pass for a nice person on her background.

The get-togethers of the two journalists with upgraded looks do not vie for sophistication. Just two friends with faded morals who are chatting lively. But in a stream of words lies transpire, for example that media gravitating to Peevski had taken about BGN 4m from CorpBank allegedly for advertising. And Frognews sustained by State Security Agent Academician Ognyan Stefanov immediately picks up the fake news and passes it over to other satellite media of the oligarchs.

No matter how hard he tries to divert public attention from the money taken out of CorpBank under the counter, in the courtroom where Koltuklieva appears as a defendant charged with tax evasion, it is clear to all that she had received cash payments three times, 30,000 each time. Actually this is the money stolen from the defrauded CorpBank depositors which Tsvetan Vassilev readily dished out to his people. Another legal representative of the shady dealer who perfectly fits in this female company is Miroslav Ivanov. No doubt that the stands of this “journalist”, or maybe a blogger on call, fully agree with those of his boss Tsvetan Vassilev.

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