Koltuklieva airs yet another brazen lie about Peevski

Sonya Koltuklieva

It is common knowledge that lies have short legs and neither extensions nor Botox can remedy that. Moreover that the remedies are bought with the money of the defrauded CorpBank depositors. The fosterlings of Tsvetan Vassilev indicted for syphoning off billions from the bankrupt bank have apparently forgotten this proverb and, to earn the generous fees Vassilev pays them, they day by day churn out lies targeting Delyan Peevski, the sworn enemy of the fugitive banker and his oligarchic cronies.

Their next in a row lie against the MP and publisher of Telegraph Media may well be given a palm of victory for its absurd barefacedness. Its author (just like of most fake news against Peevski) is again Sonya Koltuklieva charged with tax crimes. On Wednesday evening she stirred up a get-together with another journalist on call, Lyuba Kulezich who has upgraded her image with the money paid from the CorpBank booty. In the programme hosted by Kulezich which she turned into a platform for all indicted for draining CorpBank, when commenting on the charges for laundering CorpBank money brought against MP of the Socialist Party Elena Yoncheva, Koltuklieva almost at once implicated the name of Peevski saying that the media he publishes have pocketed about BGN 4m, ostensibly for advertising.

This impudent statement which was immediately reproduced by another website controlled by Vassilev, namely Frognews of the State Security agent Academician Ognyan Stefanov, is a outright lie and it can be easily checked out. In contrast to some other media which sing along with Koltuklieva and the contributors to the fake news released against Peevski every day, the revenues of his publications, including those from advertising, have always been public and transparent. And again unlike the satellite media of the Fake News Factory, the media outlets of Telegraph Media even reimbursed money when the sums stipulated in the contract exceeded the price of the advertising services. And there are documents to prove that.

To make the picture even clearer and to expose Koltuklieva’s lie we will ask the bankruptcy administrators of CorpBank to provide data about the sums the bank paid under advertising contracts with the media. We have this right under the Access to Public Information Act. So it will transpire what media was paid what money. Unfortunately there will be no information about the sums which Koltuklieva, Kulezich, Stefanov and their associates, mouthpieces of Tsvetan Vassilev, received in cash. As it became evident from the scheme used in the case of Elena Yoncheva, these sums were laundered in offshore firms and companies linked with Vassilev. To expose these schemes is the business of the prosecutors, who, by the way, have brought charges against Koltuklieva exactly for the money she accepted in cash.

The aim of the next in a row manipulation she spewed out is clear: to divert the attention from the money taken from CorpBank in the dark and from the sums which Vassilev fed and is feeding to his mouthpieces like Lyuba Kulezich and Ognyan Stefanov.

Koltuklieva herself faces charges for tax evasion, it turned out in the court room that three times she was paid BGN 30,000 in cash by Tsvetan Vassilev in person. These BGN 90 thousands are actually the money of the CorpBank depositors which Vassilev easily dished out, while the lady in question who is posing as ex-banker’s “soft voice” has hidden it from the tax authorities. Is it not a pure form of money laundering? The once right-hand man of Vassilev, Biser Lazarov, told the jury about the scheme used for giving Koltuklieva this BGN 90,000. He is the key witness to the public prosecution in the mega case on the CorpBank draining. In the court room, Lazov told that Tsvetan Vassilev personally ordered him to pay ample sums to Koltuklieva every month. The money was transferred in several tranches. During the hearing the experts proved that the notices of receipt for this money were undersigned by the journalist. Apparently Koltuklieva suffers from amnesia and has forgotten about the money she received from the Bulgarian Madoff.

Typically, the impudent lies by the journalist of dubious reputation were immediately copied on Frognews website, property of Ognyan Stefanov, agent of the State Security Agency. Thus the choir of oligarchs again repeats in the same breath the old fakes about Peevski. One of the reasons for a new series of attacks against our publisher is Vassilev’s panic about the fact that only a week ago it transpired that one more charge will be brought against him – for financial fraud with the money of CorpBank depositors. Another reason is that lawsuit on the bank’s draining was already brought on in substance and this will shed light on the fraudulent schemes of the fugitive banker and his indicted cronies.

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