Juncker does not expect EU to decide on delaying Brexit this week

EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said on Wednesday he does not expect a decision on delaying Brexit to be reached at this week's EU summit. Speaking to radio broadcaster Deutschlandfunk, Juncker said talks on extending the time for Brexit negotiations will likely have to be pushed back to next week.

“There will be no re-negotiations, no new negotiations, no additional guarantees in addition to those already given,” Juncker told German radio. “We have intensively moved towards Britain, there can be no more.” He said as far as he knew, a letter from May seeking a delay to Brexit to the EU had not yet arrived. British media reported earlier that May would request a short delay in a letter to the EU.

EU leaders are scheduled to meet for a regular summit in Brussels on Thursday and Friday, at which May is expected to request an extension of the Brexit deadline so she can work out a deal establishing Britain's post-Brexit relations with the EU.

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