Innowave Summit 2018 gives biggest blockchain startup fund award

A world class jury will evaluate the participants, presented with the chance to win €210 000

Photo: Innowave Summit

A unique opportunity is offered by the organisers of this year’s edition of InnoWave Summit 2018, the largest high-tech conference in Southeastern Europe, which will take place in Varna on 19 and 20 October. The best startups in the area of blockchain technology will have the chance to win a prize fund worth €210,000 – the largest sum ever given in Bulgaria at an event of similar scale.

In the “Pitch Your Blockchain Startup” competition, participating teams will have five minutes on stage to present their blockchain based startup project the best way possible. Afterwards, they will have to answer questions and hear the jury’s recommendations from leading global brands. All teams will compete for a prize pool of €210,000 – €10,000 in the form of a cash prize and €200,000 in the form of investments.

The contest will give participants the chance to hear from the creators of blockchain technologies the latest developments and everything new on this hot topic.

“We focused on the blockchain technologies in this contest, as they are not just the technology behind the popularity of the crypto Life, but it is an open platform that can fundamentally change the future of many areas such as the financial system, cyber security, network technologies and the Internet of Things, education, and so on. Blockchain technologies are not yet sufficiently developed but are becoming more attractive because of the possibility of total traceability of transactions and the impossibility of manipulating them. Adding to this is the possibility of exchange of all assets in minutes instead of more time spent, which speeds up the business process itself,” says Dimitar Vassilev of Bulgarian Business Forums, organizer of InnoWave Summit 2018.

The forum will also introduce the latest innovations in the fields of virtual reality, artificial intelligence, machine and deep learning, Nano technologies, fintech, digital healthcare, start-ups' development and strategies, marketing automation processes, e-commerce trends, changing consumer behaviour models in the digital market, etc. They will be presented by the leaders of over 80 world-class companies, holding investment portfolios of more than $100m, such as Apple, Google, Facebook, Space X, Alibaba, Salesforce, Amazon, Ebay, Yandex, Dell, Twitter, LinkedIn, Oracle, Vimeo, Booking, Space X and venture capital funds. One of the top speakers at the event will be the person who was hired directly by the former US President Barack Obama to manage the digitalisation of the administration – Thomas Cochran. Currently he advises CEOs and leaders on how to improve their business, and deliver the best possible service to their customers, constituents, or donors.

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