iPhone XI to power a laptop

Yet, no matter how fascinating, the concept is definitely not new – more like a half a decade old

The iPhone XI idea looks quite similar to Razer's Project Linda (on the picture)

Apple has already begun work on its next high-end smartphone that will offer us a number of changes in design and hardware and one of the most interesting features, which developers are reportedly experimenting with is reportedly the ability of the iPhone XI to power larger devices such as laptops.

According to sources, the tech company has already patented the method and as set of patent drawings shows, the iPhone XI will be placed in a special housing, allowing the power supply to be used as a functional trackpad. The option to charge the laptop in such a way is practical and would be definitely useful for users who have hectic daily life, need to travel frequently or just use multiple high-tech gadgets at the same time.

Whats more, the next generation iPhone XI isn’t the only one that’ll have potential to drive in on the desktop universe - Apple’s already begun building the bridge with the iPad Pro to provide more opportunities for those, who have already invested in buying iPhone, iPad or MacBook, clearing a path toward the future of mobile desktop hybrid machines.

Yet, no matter how fascinating, the concept is not definitely not new – more like a half a decade old. ASUS already played with it on the PadFone and Motorola - on a Lapdock. Lately Razer also explored the idea via its Project Linda. The big question, however, remains whether Apple will invest in production efforts or not. In any case, we can say that the company is making a lot of effort to distinguish its smartphones from the competitive offerings of Android manufacturers.

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