How Tsvetan Vassilev produced film about Peevski

Do you know the famous Texas producer and director of investigative documentaries Kevin Booth? Do you personally know him, though? Have you talked to him lately? By any chance, have you sent him an intriguing link with instructions?

Shame! You should check your e-mail. You are no fan of the work of this filmmaking genius if you have not been personally instructed by Tsvetan Vassilev. This, consequently, means that you are dumb and ugly. Only a smart and handsome fugitive banker with a curled up moustache can afford a direct line of communication with someone posing as an independent journalist and artist, as if the former is producing the latter, and even send him a link with a comment that includes the following sentence: “The fat pig is in there again.”

Any ideas as to who is the fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev referring to? Is it the owner of the website in an interview for which the Texas showman revealed his dependence on the fraudster hiding from the Bulgarian law in Belgrade? We give up on the game of guessing the code names of the former State Security informers based on their appearance so as not to overstep our bounds, something the website Frognews habitually does.

All we know is that an independent journalist would never yield to such provocation. A smart man would not either. While trying to help him, Kevin Booth did his sponsor no favours. It is clear that the parody of a film that is Shadows of Sofia, 2019 serves the purposes of an underhanded attack against lawmaker and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski – just like the documentaries about the medical benefits of marijuana, in which Booth promotes certain interests.

It is also clear that the cozy chat with the financial fraudster Tsvetan Vassilev and the impostor fighter against corruption Assen Yordanov is no coincidence either. Meanwhile, the Frognews interview entitled “Kevin Booth for Frog: Peevski’s silence is deafening about smuggling routes used by Bulgatabac that supply money to ISIS” is proof that the investigative producer and his producer work in tandem.

The typo in the headline is a stark example of both the level of the website, which is funded by the fugitive banker and playing the role of his press office, and Booth’s tasteless piece of work with a muddled plot, unsynchronised subtitles and a clear plan as to who and how should be smeared and discredited.

Kevin Booth is a guest artist joining the cast of regular characters, which includes Lyuba Kulezich, Sonya Koltuklieva and former State Security agent Iliyan Vassilev (alias Sasho) as well as three service workers. All members of the cast are conspicuously silent about their close ties to the fugitive banker, but no admissions are needed either. It is all clear as day. Just like it is obvious that, once in the game, Booth will have to comment on all topics in line with the instructions of the executive producer. If Agent Sasho can opine on the appointment of the next prosecutor general and Ivan Geshev’s candidacy for the position, why can’t Booth also show how knowledgeable he is on the matter?

But who are the “beautiful” Bulgarians with whom Booth has communicated and who made him fall so deeply in love with Bulgaria that he researched it at dinners? One of them is undoubtedly his Bulgarian guide Assen Yordanov as well as the beautiful Roma people, a representative sample of whom Booth features in his documentary. Let us not forget also the beautiful financial fraudster Tsvetan Vassilev, who is not shy about instructing his filmmaker the same way he used to send his other employees links.

Apropos, the banker’s daughter Radosveta Vassileva had also adopted that style in the time she acted like the big, bad boss in her “father’s workplace”. Let us refresh people’s memory on the leaked information about e-mails addressed to CEOs of CorpBank, in which she discusses Christmas bonuses for deserving employees of the lender and penalties for those with three or more instances of being late for work as well as punishments for people who disobey her orders. At least Booth does not have to explain his behaviour in writing, unlike the rest of the banker’s employees. As Radosveta Vassileva says, “My father pays the salaries, it is his call”

The “American liberator of Bulgaria”, as Booth is dubbed in the Frognews interview, has to work to earn his pay as well.

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