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Sofia will host OleFestival! featuring new music from Spain and Latin America

Antonio Serrano and Antonio Sanchez

The Third Festival of New Music from Spain and Latin America will be held in Sofia on 11-24 October. The event was organised by Cervantes Institute in cooperation with Jazz Plus Concerts, who promise to present a fresh interpretation of traditional Spanish and Latin-American music, played by first-rate performers famous for their inquisitive spirit.

On 11 October, Antonio Serrano (harmonica) and Antonio Sanchez (guitar) will present an unforgettable show in memoriam of iconic flamenco guitarist Paco de Lucia. Serrano and Sanchez were the most prominent musicians in his last septet.

Years of shared life, lots of music and joint experience bind them with the great guitarist. At the concert in Sofia they will present emblematic themes that they played together with Paco de Lucia when he was alive, as well as compositions inspired by the genius guitar player and featured in the documentary Paco de Lucia: la busqueda, directed by Francisco Sanchez, which received the Goya award for the best documentary in 2015. The film is included in the companion programme of OleFestival!

The heartfelt flute of Maria Toro will sound on 18 October and the title of the performance is Flamenco and Whiff of Brazil. Toro composes her music blending in the cultural elements of each country where she creates it. Within the last five years, she has given concerts in Spain, Switzerland, US and Brazil. In Sofia, she will present her first album A Contraluz (2014). It was composed in Switzerland, played in different European cities and recorded in New York (2017). While presenting her first disc in Brazil, she composed her second album Araras (2018). Absorbed with flamenco in the beginning of her career, she evolved in jazz where Maria Toro developed her own music language. She travels nonstop, which helps her draw inspiration from the musicians in all spots of the globe. Blessed with brilliant music aptitude discernible from the first note she plays, Maria Toro manages to combine her talent of composer with excellent arrangements and high-quality music performances.

It does not matter with whom she appears on stage, she always has a character of her own and fits the credo that “music has no frontiers”.

The psychedelic rock group Quentin Gas and Los Zingaros, from Seville, invite the audience to a journey through the arid lands of southern Spain, a flight to the multi-coloured skies of psychedelia. The music reviewers qualify their album Caravana as one of the most interesting music projects of the year.

Again, the festival offers a diverse companion programme with the latest Spanish documentaries devoted to music and dance. Apart from the abovementioned film about Paco de Lucia, the audience will have the chance to see two films about two strong women - one describing the fate of a flamenco dancer, and another one about breaking with the cliche in traditional dance. An exciting story about a Spanish musician will take us to Senegal where we will plunge into African beats in Casamance. The brilliant camera work and perfect editing of these films convey the dazzling and impactful sense of the creative process in its pure form.

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