Greek police fired teargas at protesters against deal with Macedonia

Thousands of Greeks protested in the northern city of Thessaloniki on Saturday against the agreement reached by Greece and Macedonia to resolve a dispute over the former Yugoslav republic's name, news wires reported. In the same time Greek PM Alexis Tsipras took part in the opening of the annual International Trade Fair of Thessaloniki.

Police fired teargas at a group of individuals who broke away from a main group of demonstrators and hurled stones at riot police. Police sources estimated the number of protesters at more than 15,000, many waving the white and blue Greek flag.

Macedonia has called a referendum on 30 September on the agreement with Greece to change its name to the Republic of North Macedonia. But many Greeks oppose any name that includes Macedonia.

On Saturday, in a visit to Skopje, German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged Macedonians to embrace the deal with Greece in order to secure membership of NATO and the EU.

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