Grant-dependent priests of Themis launch smear campaign against Peevski

They sent a letter to CEC full of manipulative information about the lawmaker but hush up the ties of Lalov and Panov with oligarchic NGOs

Delyan Peevski

The next in a row ‘active measures’ (read – smear campaign) fully in keeping with the traditions of the communist-era secret services were activated by the grant-funded Bulgarian Judges Association (BJA). The police-like report submitted to the Central Electoral Commission targets the lawmaker of the opposition party Movement for Rights and Freedoms and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski.

Actually, the notorious Judges Association joins in the media manipulation campaign dated a week ago whipped up by the otherwise reputable Radio Free Europe. Its hired pen-pushers once more have demonstrated that they did not cut the umbilical cord connecting them with their hitherto employers and are still willing to run errands for them. To the detriment of Peevski, of course.

Following a well-tested scheme, a salvo of lies against Peevski launched the site of Radio Free Europe in Bulgaria coming out with a material which the students of journalism should study as an illustrative example of public manipulation. The text titled “This guy should not backtrack. The influence of Peevski over Themis which CEC doesn’t check out” is a collection of fragments of other fake news put together and the key message is based on a statement by former chairman of the Sofia Regional Court Metodi Lalov (who tabled his resignation not to be relieved of his post after several inspections which established multiple financial breaches in the court he headed – Ed.’s note). Lalov said that he was negotiating a top post with the then chair of the Supreme Administrative Court Georgi Kolev and former chief of the Sofia City Court Vladimira Yaneva.  

Expectedly, the name of Peevski is implicated in the material while the Radio Free Europe claims that he showed up at the meeting and solicited further favours and commitments from Lalov. However, a more detailed analysis of the text shows that Lalov did not mention the name of the lawmaker even once and he himself admitted that he cannon evidence his statements. Moreover that time has disproved them because while he headed the Sofia Regional Court Lalov never said that anyone exerted pressure on him. He doesn’t say so now, either.

Besides, the judge himself has rather ambiguous reputation – he left the top post in the court on his own volition after a series of inspections showed that during his tenure serious financial breaches have been established.

However, all this doesn’t put off the Judges Association, they even go as far as adding to their letter some older fakes which have also been refuted throughout years. What is more, the Association guiltily omits another fact: Lalov made his statement during the ill-famed conference organised by two NGOs boasting close ties with the indicted oligarchs Ivo Prokopiev and Tsvetan Vassilev, where guest lecturer was Lozan Panov in person. At this meeting the freedom of speech was shamelessly curbed, as some of the media reps who wished to attend were rushed out with the motive that they were not the “right” media because they criticised Panov, his oligarchic mentors and other compromised reps of political circles in Bulgaria. That is why no one demonstrating critical mode of thinking had a chance to hear Lalov’s statement and ask him, “Who is the man you’re talking about?” or “Is it appropriate for a judge to mix with ‘the bad guys’ (as he himself said in a video – Ed.’s note) only to be appointed to the top post?”. It is noteworthy that that adjustment concerning the oligarchic NGOs and their shadow connections with the indicted bosses are not mentioned in the letter of the Judges Association. Neither does it pose a logical question as to what the incumbent judge of the Sofia Regional Court and, moreover, the chairman of the Supreme Court of Cassation, the head of the third court instance, who is to try the same indicted bosses, are doing at such a gathering and why these bosses are doing PR exercise for him via their NGOs? So, why questions are not raised which an association of judges should have asked CEC quite expectedly? The answer can be sought in the scandalous photos circulated several years ago where one can see the incumbent president of the Judges Association Kalin Kalpakchiev (them an ordinary member of the Association) at the conspiratorial meetings with the failed minister of justice and current straw leader of the oligarchic party Yes, Bulgaria Hristo Ivanov. And what did these figures bound by shadow contacts were talking about? We would like to paraphrase the French saying: cherchez l’argent, i.e. the money of the grant-funded entities which the oligarchs use to launch media attacks against their enemies, in particular Delyan Peevski.

In parallel, the next in a row salvo of manipulations was launched against Delyan Peevski mere days ago, after the Movement for Rights and Freedoms officially nominated him for MEP. Apparently, the chances of the lawmaker to be elected are serious which raises great concerns among the shadowy structures in Bulgaria and that is why they are decided to employ all possible manipulative tactics against him.       

The very manipulation is applied with the sole aim to suggest that Peevski interferes into the cadre policy in the judicial power, which is an open lies that in this particular case obviously reminds of an old saying “Thief cries, catch the thief!” The truth is that the material deliberately seeks to divert the attention from the actual shadow HR manager in the judicial power – the indicted oligarch Ivo Prokopiev who for years on end has been trying to dictate the decisions of the judiciary via chairman of the Supreme Court of Cassation Lozan Panov and his pawns in the lower court instances.

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