Georgi Georgiev comes out with odious lie

He is allegedly banned from leaving Bulgaria because of Peevski

Delyan Peevski

Georgi Georgiev, leader of the quasi-NGO BOETS has hit the moral rock bottom when he made his family drama a weapon in an odious political hole-and-corner intrigue. Quite expectedly this nefarious suggestion was readily picked up by the organised media group of the oligarchy. And washing dirty linen in public was presented as a pursuit of high moral principles.

The personal “warrior” of Tsvetan Vassilev in charge of wet work, Georgi Georgiev, was banned from leaving Bulgaria by the prosecutor as he is charged with causing bodily harm to a journalist of TV Cannel 3. Without having any scruples he used this fact to complain and to lie publicly that the Prosecutor‘s Office has placed this ban on him in order to prevent him from leaving the country and become a kidney donor for his wife Mariela who is now hospitalised in Grenoble, France.

“A pre-trial restraint was imposed – the undertaking not to leave the country or place of residence to prevent us from making the transplantation. This what they aim at,” Georgiev lied without batting an eyelid.

“Already after NGO BOETS blew whistle about Tsvetanov and his involvement in the #ApartmentGate and its vehement opposition to Peevski’s running for MEP such media blows under the belt became routine. Yesterday, they subpoenaed me for the 59th time, only during this year,” claims Tsvetan Vassilev’s wet work errand boy.

And, to dispel doubts, he notes, “The truth is that Geshev, Borissov and Peevski realised that BOETS is a real menace to them because of its irreconcilable position, consistency and refusal to compromise.”              

It is common knowledge that professional protester Georgiev is changing his moods and affiliations depending on how thick are the wallets of his handlers. However, we didn’t expect that he would use the health issues in the family for his nefarious insinuations. It is really mean and gawky to claim that the Prosecutor’s Office, PM Boyko Borissov, newly elected Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev and lawmaker and publisher of Telegraph Media Delyan Peevski prevent him from traveling abroad to become a kidney donor for his wife. Moreover – this is quite untrue.

“On 11 November, leader of NGO BOETS Georgi Georgiev will be able to leave Bulgaria without any obstructions to become a kidney donor for his wife Mariela hospitalised in a specialised clinic in Grenoble,” said spokesperson for the Regional Prosecutor’s Office of Vidin before Radio Free Europe. The opinion of the prosecution is clear-cut, unambiguous and definite.

The prosecution was even ready to make a compromise with the legal practice and let Gergiev travel abroad for purely humane, not legal reasons. So, despite the ban he will be allowed to leave the country and help his wife. Obviously everyone wishes that the surgery will be a success and both he and his wife will recover soon. However, Georgiev himself catches at this scandal like a drowning man at a straw accentuating the fact that for him the ban was not lifted.  

Mr Georgiev, it is really mean, improper and nefarious to use your family drama for the sake of political intrigues for which you are paid by the people who are well known to all. Such indecent behaviour is an insult both to your wife and yourself.    

As regards the “highly moral” media of the oligarchy which turned this personal issue into a political scarecrow and fake news, it is a public secret that to them the very notion of morals is only lip-labour.

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