Gas here, gas there, finally – oligarch pops up. And Peevski is to blame!

Delyan Peevski

The case with the MEP candidature of the MP of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms once again exposed the inadequacy of the media battering rams. The talking points of the behind-the-scenes clique are so insane that sometimes they can really drive readers up a wall.

At times one really wonders what these authors were thinking about when they were inventing their talking points and whether these people have common sense and normal human logic at all.

We quote a loose account of an absurd material published in an even more absurd newspaper sustained by a natural gas oligarch who started from nowhere heading for some unknown place just to arrive at his final conclusion – Peevski is to blame!

A talking point here, a talking point there, and in the long run, the dear readers of Sega newspaper find themselves on Mars to look for whom there? Well, naturally for Peevski! In an attempt at originality the author in a totally absurd way has legitimised an absurd NGO set up with one sole aim to lend a hand to the absurd fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev in his absurd bid to cover up the plunder of the CorpBank and absurdly make the bank’s collapse look like a pure accident. Maybe you wonder about all these repetitions? But so the subordinates of gas oligarch Sasho Donchev cater to the interests of other oligarchs from his friendly circle. By rote drill. Peevski here, Peevski there, finally without a moment’s doubt they may quote his name in some theatrical column about Swan Lake. There is one good thing though, the gas oligarch and his media pawns don’t have time for cultural events, so they will miss this topic. Simply because when they hear the word ‘swan’ they will think that it involves Lozan Panov.

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