Gas baron's pen pushers and Peevski theme as bubblegum

It’s been sizzling hot in Bulgaria in recent days. The blistering temperatures seem to melt even stone but in air-conditioned and quiet editorial offices of the media outlets sustained by natural gas baron Sasho Donchev the staffers are broiling on a different fire. It’s August, but the turnover of fake news about the sworn enemy of the behind-the-scenes clique Delyan Peevski must be kept at high rate.

Because the lawmaker of the opposition party Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) and publisher of Telegraph Media has long been a thorn in the side of the oligarchs as he perpetually brings to light their shady affairs. To give him a rebuff and muffle his disclosures they resort to a smart trick – turn him into a universal evil.

That is why the entire cohort of paid pen pushers (Fake News Factory) are working around the clock in order to paint the lawmaker blacker than the devil. In a nutshell, they made this job something like bubblegum chewing but the balloons burst as soon as you try to check out facts underlying their writings. The fact that these writings are not based on evidence and do not hold a grain of truth does not scare the oligarchs and their pawns. They believe that people mostly read only headlines and only one out of hundred would bother to think over the content. Those who would check out the facts are even less percentagewise. Meanwhile lies about Peevski are snowballing on the internet.

That is why you shouldn’t be surprised when his name is pinned on various topics which apparently have nothing to do with him. For instance, in the sizzling days of August, Sega newspaper, strictly following the directive “Not a day without a fake about Peevski”, has implicated his name in a meaningless text targeting Plamen Georgiev, chief of the Anti-Corruption Commission. Actually, the latter is an example of what the Fake News Factory of the indicted oligarchs can do when they decide to target someone, but this is another topic.

Apparently, the reporter of Sega daily received some strange instructions from her boss (obviously following the example of other staffers of oligarch Ivo Prokopiev to whom lists of talking points are sent down via e-mail every day to keep them from making mistakes and verging away from the “general line”). She tried to concoct an “oligarch-pleasing” mix of fakes. The result was a total nonsense in which the career of Georgiev is strangely (and exotically) bound with that of Peevski.

To be more accurate, despite the attempts of the oligarchy to impute to the lawmaker something unlawful all audits prove that he is clean. But this is not something to be made public. This is the reason why the team of Sega decided to take out of mothballs their worn-out talking point – that Peevski has no moral right to take a political office. This is what they use trying to attack him.

What they omit (again intentionally) is the fact that even then the independent audits of several state institutions proved that Peevski has never violated the law. Whoops! The oligarchic balloon has burst. And so it will be till the next falsification and the next lie that will again be imputed to Peevski.

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