G20 ministers agree on human-centric AI principles

G20 ministers in charge of trade and digital economy at their meeting in Tsukuba, Japan, on Saturday agreed on guiding principles for the appropriate use of artificial intelligence, news wires reported. The move is a first for the G20.

The principles note that people might lose jobs because of AI, and ethical problems, such as discrimination, could arise if data are biased. The ministers presented the idea of "human-centric AI," calling on countries to use AI in a way that respects human rights, and share the benefits brought by it. They also confirmed that, as data flows grow globally, it is important to secure trust related to privacy and security based on domestic and international laws.

Japan's communications minister Masatoshi Ishida told reporters it is very significant that the delegates agreed on human-centric AI principles. He expressed hope that countries will further discuss what a future AI-based society should be like.

In a statement the EU and its Member States thanked Japan for making human centric AI a priority of its G20 presidency. In line with these guidelines, with the discussions regarding the launch of an International Panel on Artificial Intelligence (IPAI), and based also on the OECD guidelines issued in May, the EU and its Member States support strong G20 ethics principles, the statement said.The EU and its Member States also said they would work towards enhancing the level of security of digital processes, products and services.

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