Fugitive banker with another dose of lies against Peevski, sends them to Strasbourg

Tsvetan Vassilev and Georgi Georgiev.

The bashing of Peevski is continuing after brief instruction from Belgrade. The fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev has ordered his pawn Georgi Georgiev to lodge the latest unsubstantiated complaint – this time with the European Court in Strasbourg. The Vassilev-funded NGO Boets, which has Georgiev as a chairperson, has a patched-up set of arguments that it has tried to use several times now, unsuccessfully so.

The organisation backed by the financial fraudster Tsvetan Vassilev, who turned CorpBank into a pyramid and his personal piggy-bank and who has been hiding from prosecution for several years, apparently puts itself above the institutions in Bulgaria, which have already deemed its complaints unsubstantiated. Sporting the role of a lawyer, something he is not, Georgiev is continuing the fight, strictly following his boss’s instructions. 

Even though the complaint lacks any legal grounds for the esteemed Strasbourg institution to consider, the Boets activist promptly informed his Facebook audience of his move. Confirming the fact that they are acting in unison, several websites also directly subordinate to Tsvetan Vassilev were quick to react, presenting the latest empty complaint of the fugitive banker’s NGO as lead news.  

The complaint lodged with the European Court in Strasbourg is actually an attempt by Tsvetan Vassilev’s pawn Georgi Georgiev to draw attention to the upcoming bloody protests that he is planning – this time not against Peevski, as he realises that that campaign has run its course and no one pays attention to it anymore, but against the nomination of Ivan Geshev for prosecutor general. Georgiev is creating publicity for himself before he trots to the streets his hired protesters with their slogans and, at the same time, he is striking against the enemy of his master.  

It is almost touching how Tsvetan Vassilev’s pawn strives to create the impression of large scale for his events by always using the plural form: “we believe”, “we think”, etc. Unless the Boets representative has somehow been cloned, this use of grammar sounds schizophrenic. Even the paid protesters, whose job is limited to holding their posters high, understand that their leader is an individualist. The NGO in question has a single purpose – to serve its master’s interests. Georgiev is the conduit for those interests. When he is not lodging complaints at the behest of his boss, this vigilant citizen (who asks questions and demands that the authorities take him seriously, as if that were possible) slaps around journalists who dare to ask him questions instead of speaking and writing whatever suits the fugitive banker.

Let us remind that the Supreme Administrative Court (SAC), where Boets tried to block the candidacy of lawmaker of the opposition party MRF and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski for the European Parliament (EP) with a complaint, rejected the NGO’s request on the grounds that the Electoral Code explicitly lays out the requirements for such candidacy and that Peevski, as did all the other individuals on the MRF list, met all those criteria. The magistrates’ ruling rejected Boets’s complaint, but did not stop the efforts of Georgiev and his boss to distort the truth.

Initially, Georgiev made a circus out of it by lodging a complaint with the Central Election Commission (CEC), maintaining that the lawmaker should not be registered as an EP candidate because he was not in Bulgaria. How did the Boets people know he was not in the country? Well, they could not contact him. The CEC rejected that particular ridiculous claim, noting that Peevski fully met the legal requirements to run for the EP, which prompted the NGO to challenge the CEC decision before the SAC. After every lie exposed, Tsvetan Vassilev’s NGO threatened that the so-called “active measures” operations against Peevski would continue. This latest attack is in the same style and its fate is also a foregone conclusion. Tsvetan Vassilev’s people have run out of lies and repeat themselves, including with that Strasbourg move.         

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