Frognews produces fake news about top US diplomat too

Nathan Hochman of law firm Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP: Vassilev's false allegations against Peevski were not discussed during the meeting between Pompeo and Zaharieva

Nathan Hochman

The disinformation campaigns carried out by fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev, responsible for the embezzlement of over BGN 4bn from CorpBank, and his paid puppets from the website Frognews, owned by former State Security agent Ognyan Stefanov (who operated under the alias Academician), have reached new geopolitical heights in their fabrications regarding the Global Magnitsky Act case.

After in June the online publication funded by the Bulgarian Madoff dragged US Senator John Cornyn into its latest fake news, forcing the cabinet of the US politician to officially deny the insinuations made by “agent Academician and Co”, now Frognews has involved even the top US diplomat, Mike Pompeo, in its journalistic manipulations.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met with Bulgaria's Minister of Foreign Affairs Ekaterina Zaharieva during her official visit to the US a week ago. And even though the two diplomats' departments released information about the topics discussed during their conversation, which included issues of great importance to the Bulgarian public such as the lifting of the US visa regime for Bulgarians, agent Academician's website took advantage of the opportunity to spread its latest propaganda on the internet, based on Tsvetan Vassilev's false allegations against our publisher, MP Delyan Peevski, which the fugitive banker has filed in his claim under the Global Magnitsky Act. In a bid to keep the fabrications surrounding this case from crumbling, Frognews published the falsehood that the Magnitsky legal procedure in question was among the main topics discussed by Zaharieva and Pompeo.

In its effort to lend some credibility to the latest fake news, which otherwise lacks evidence or data of any sort, the website even says that the results of the investigation will be ready in early December. The media outlet apparently counts on nobody noticing the fact that it is contradicting itself. In its previous articles on the subject, Frognews initially claimed that an outcome could be expected at the beginning of this year, and then - at the end of this past spring.

The latest piece of deception produced by the website, part of the Fake News Factory ran by the oligarchy, was exposed as fabrication by attorney Nathan Hochman of Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP. The law firm is among the world's most prestigious and is representing Peevski in the case filed against him by Vassilev. In a statement Hochman, a former federal prosecutor, cites the official release of the US Department of State detailing the topics discussed by Zaharieva and Pompeo. It says that the two government officials discussed “the importance of US-Bulgarian bilateral relations, Bulgaria's plans to modernise its military, and energy diversification as a European energy security priority” as well as “global affairs such as Iran's ballistic missile programme, the importance of maintaining sanctions on Russia and their shared interest in advancing stability, security and prosperity for the countries of the Western Balkans”.

“Unfortunately, Bulgarian media outlet Frognews decided to misrepresent the content of the leaders' discussions and promote the false story that the leaders discussed the Global Magnitsky Act and the particular false allegations of Tsvetan Vassilev against Delyan Peevski. Nothing in any information released by either government hints at any discussion concerning the Global Magnitsky Act or Vassilev's false allegations against Delyan Peevski, and publishing stories that suggest otherwise appears to be nothing more than the creation of 'fake news' for sensational purposes,” Nathan Hochman is adamant.

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