Frog legs kicking against Peevski

The Frognews people are in the whirl of a crazy verbal dance. They spin, twist and distort, desperately trying to justify their salaries in a vociferous tirade against lawmaker and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski.

With one foot in Belgrade and the other in Sofia, it is hard for them to keep balance and still fulfil their mission – to not let a day go by without croaking some article against Peevski. They must be on some strong hallucinogens to see as they did Peevski’s shadow even behind the undeniable triumphs of the police and the Prosecutor’s Office with the drug labs busted in the past few days. They seem to be doing a fine job of it. But we are not applauding them… After all, that is the job of these crazy “frogs”.

Their boundless talent is perfectly illustrated by sentences like this one: “They (the police, secret services and prosecutors – editor’s note) show everything every single time. One wishes that gynecologists would be so talkative and willing to share footage, but… Oh well, we all know that life is unfair to most people and fair to few. At least that is the case in (Bulgaria.)”

In their effort to toady to their corpulent boss with the nickname Agent Academician, the crazy frogs reached new heights, managing to mention Peevski twice in a sentence. It is supposedly a quote, but a slightly enhanced with creative writing one – it starts one place and goes way off the path: “Poverty is nothing but the result of income stolen and redistributed by a corrupted upper crust (that includes people) like Peevski and Kovachki, covered up for by Peevski.”

Croak-croak… what? How is that last part translated?

Collecting quotes is not the preserve of frogs. We have plenty of those in our pocket as well, including by the frog king Ognyan Stefanov, aka Agent Academician. Here is one: “There are no profitable publications in Bulgaria; for some their price does not even cover the prime cost. They all receive money from other businesses. There is no such thing as newspaper business. There is not a real market either.” Actually, Agent Academician, there is a real market and it encompasses the publications that really sell. Only you can say what kind of “business” is the pouring of money into negligible websites like yours. Even if you croaked through the story, we would understand. We can arrange for the Prosecutor’s Office to pay attention too.

Do it, man, it is not that scary. Or is it?

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