Former head of Border Police, involved in BGN 14m scheme, spews lies about Peevski on TV

Bivol and Frognews make their relationship public, showing they share Tsvetan Vassilev as mentor

Valeri Grigorov

The fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev and his cronies – the indicted oligarchic publishers in Bulgaria – have found themselves in a personnel crisis. The unceasing attacks on their sworn enemy, lawmaker and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski, must have run out of both talking points and mouthpieces because the behind-the-scenes clique dug deep into the slandering machine’s reserves.

As result, Valeri Grigorov, one of the most scandalous former heads of Border Police, best known for a BGN 14m scheme and shady property deals in the coastal town of Primorsko, returned to the spotlight recently. As can be expected, Grigorov, who understandably avoided public scrutiny over the past few years, appeared on the TV programme hosted by Lyuba Kulezich, Tsvetan Vassilev’s puppet journalist.

In the past several weeks, the show has become a major platform for disseminating talking points to the media outlets financed by Vassilev. That was precisely the purpose of Grigorov’s interview too – to feed the slandering machine – and the former head of Border Police undoubtedly set a record in that regard by managing to produce nothing but lies in a TV appearances that lasted several minutes.

“We are all aware of the fact that Peevski was director of the State Agency for National Security (SANS) for a week. He left his deputies there – people from Delyan Peevski’s inner circle,” said Grigorov, insinuating that the security services are under the lawmaker’s control. That this is far from the truth is easily proven by the actual facts. Peevski was named head of SANS on 14 June 2013 (Friday) and on the very next day (15 June 2013) he released a statement saying he was stepping down.

On 19 June 2013 (Wednesday), during its first session for the new week, the National Assembly voted to accept his resignation, while Peevski himself never hired or fired SANS deputies. These are facts that, despite the attempts of the people serving Vassilev and his oligarchic friends, Ivo Prokopiev, Ognyan Donev and Sasho Donchev, to replace the truth with lies, continue to exist not only in the newspapers but in Google as well.

Just as simple check shows that Grigorov was effectively ousted from Border Police even though the move was made to seem voluntary. He “retired” at the age of 46 in 2005 after information contained in a police report was revealed in parliament. The data showed that the country had been defrauded of nearly BGN 14m because border police officers, under the supervision of Grigorov, incorrectly calculated the fees owed by over 350,000 Turkish citizens (gastarbeiters) who crossed Bulgaria between April 2003 and May 2005. Grigorov is suspiciously silent about where the money went but the archives are still there to remind exactly who is talking in the latest absurd smearing campaign. It is also unclear what kind of incentive lured Grigorov back into the spotlight and made him participate in the public attack.

The same cannot be said about Kulezich, who upgraded her looks thanks to the funds Tsvetan Vassilev embezzled from CorpBank. In line with her commitments to him, she pulled of a hat trick in her latest show by not only dusting Grigorov off the cobwebs but also gathering in her studio two more figures for the attack on Delyan Peevski orchestrated by the fugitive banker – Ognyan Stefanov, aka agent Academician of the former State Security and publisher of the website Frognews, which serves as a press office for Vassilev; and the impostor of an investigating journalist Assen Yordanov, who makes the racketeering website Bivol. With Kulezich conveniently chiming in, Stefanov decided to flesh out a false talking point that has bene circulated for several days – about a non-existent connection between Peevski, Dunarit and the attempted poisoning of Emiliyan Gebrev, even dragging the lawmaker’s name into the scandal with the hundreds of millions US dollars transferred to bank accounts in Bulgaria by Venezuela’s state oil company. There is no evidence of such connection and there cannot be simply because it does not exist, but that has never stopped the fugitive banker’s mouthpieces from spreading fabrications – with the sole purpose of defaming Peevski publicly.

With the same goal in mind, Assen Yordanov appeared on Kulezich’s programme and parroted Stefanov’s talking points. This way, the two essentially demonstrated some facts that have been well known but never confirmed by their behaviour until now. Firstly, they share the same master and have always been acting in coordination, and now that their mentor is in the grips of panic they, do not even bother hiding their association. Secondly, this organised crime group has nothing to do with journalism, let alone investigative journalism.

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