EU presidents call on citizens to vote in EP elections

The common invitation was signed by 21 presidents of Member States

Heads of state from twenty one Member States, in response to Germany’s President Frank-Walter Steinmeier, called on EU citizens to exercise their right to vote at the European Parliament elections on May 26, in order to reverse the downward trend and strike down nationalism. The joint statement was published on Thrusday, 9 May, which coincides with Europe Day and the 74th anniversary of the end of World War II.

"Our unified Europe needs a strong vote from its citizens. This is why we invite residents to use their voting rights. This is a vote for the future of Europe," the presidents of Bulgaria, Germany, Estonia, Ireland, Greece, France, Croatia, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Malta, Austria, Portugal, Romania, Slovania, Slovakia and Finland mentioned in their common invitation.

The group, joined by the Czech and Polish eurosceptic leaders also described Europe as “the best idea we have ever had,” and called for “a strong European Union” with joint institutions. Together, the leaders also added that "we cannot and should not consider peace, freedom, wealth and welfare as self-evident", continuing that "it is necessary for all of us to actively participate in great ideas about a peaceful and integrated Europe."

“Only a strong community will be able to face up to the global challenges of our time. The effects of climate change, terrorism, economic globalisation, and migration do not stop at national borders. We will only meet these challenges successfully and continue on the road to economic and social cohesion and development by working together as equal partners at the institutional level,” the statement reads further.

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