EU plans legal measures to crack down online terrorist content

Photo: EPA Sir Julian King

The EU plans to take legal measures in order to crack down terrorist content online, media reported citing Security Commissioner Julian King. In his words so far reached voluntary agreements with internet companies had not provided citizens with enough protection.

The legislative proposal which is under consideration is to be presented in September, King told German Die Welt daily on Thursday. The aim of the new proposal is “to create a clear and transparent framework for every Internet platform that wants to offer its services to Europeans,” the commissioner told the newspaper. It will force Internet giants such as Facebook and Google to identify terrorist content on their platforms and delete it immediately.

“Despite the positive results from previous voluntary agreements, we have not seen enough progress, and in order to better protect our citizens, we must now take stronger action on terrorist content,” King was cited as saying. The commissioner has previously called on Member States to work together to tackle the problem. Last month he said every terrorist attack in Europe over the previous year “had a link with online terrorist content.”

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