EP calls for immediate solution for 121 stranded migrants

Urgent assistance and fair distribution of Open Arms rescue boat migrants needed, says EP President David Sassoli

European Parliament's President David Maria Sassoli

In an open letter on 8 August, EP President David Sassoli urged the European Commission President Jean-Claude Junker to find a solution for 121 migrants stranded between Malta and Italy, after being denied entry in Malta. Urgent assistance and fair distribution of the migrants is needed, Sassoli insists.

"Every time a vessel reaches European waters, the same scene is repeated and the same rhetoric is spouted," the letter reads, criticizing Commisson's unwillingness to find a solution and provide assistance. 

“According to press reports, the people on board include 31 minors, among them Ethiopian twins only nine months old, and women whose bodies bear the indelible marks of violence and mistreatment. If the European Union were to remain indifferent to their fate, it would be piling suffering on top of suffering, and I am sure that this is not what the guardians of the European Treaties believe in their hearts to be right”, Sassoli's statement continues.

The Open Arms ship has been in international waters for eight days. Among those on board are 32 children, including nine-month-old twins.

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