Deputy PM Valeri Simeonov resigns

Valeri Simeonov

Valeri Simeonov, Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister for economic and demographic policy, handed in his resignation on Friday evening. Prime Minister Boyko Borisov accepted it, as it was stated by the Government Information Service. From almost a month mothers of children with disabilities and their supporters held protests in Sofia and other towns across the country, insisting on Simeonov’s resignation. The two biggest opposition parties – the Socialists and the MRF, were also pushing for his departure.

The protests erupted when Simeonov in a TV interview labelled the protesting mothers “a group of screaming women who speculated with their children, manipulated the public, exhibiting allegedly sick children in scorching heat and heavy rain without a modicum of motherly feelings and care for them.”  
At a press briefing at the Council of Ministers Simeonov, who is also leader of the National Front for Salvation of Bulgaria, ally in the junior coalition partner of the Borissov’s government, underlined that the resignation is his personal decision and was not made under pressure. He also added that the move was coordinated with the United Patriots coalition.
Simeonov stressed that against him and his party there is an ongoing media campaign, and that he resigns because “I cannot weigh as a millstone to the government.”
Earlier on the same day there was a new scandal in a row, caused by a ridiculous statement about the children with disabilities, made this time by a MP from Simeonov’s party.

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