Democratic Bulgaria’s experts can never have enough of blaming Peevski

Are you familiar with Democratic Bulgaria’s expert E.G.? Oh, you had no idea that he existed? Well, you are not alone in that regard. He is one of the party’s Facebook pundits touted by the Capital circle as an expert during the protests against Oresharski’s government of several years ago. He is an obscure legal practitioner whose main virtue is that he returned to Bulgaria after emigrating with a mission to “fix it”, as revealed in a heavily produced interview conducted years ago by one of the professional protestors working for oligarchic spouse Galya Prokopieva.

This same expert, who can be found spreading knowledge on social media, recently expressed his competent opinion on the media law drafted by Delyan Peevski. Naturally, the topic is of great interest to the website Frognews, which is financed by fugitive banker Tsvetan Vassilev, and it immediately copy-pasted the lawyer’s said Facebook status. To avoid getting into too much detail, let us summarise the “expert’s opinion” thusly – this preeminent capacity on legal matters with newly-developed affinity for media laws believes it is absurd and a draconian measure for websites to be obligated to disclose grants and donations received. What he is effectively saying is that the more non-transparent media ownership is, the better. It is just that his opinion is couched in legal jargon for more weight.

It is widely known that Facebook teems with know-it-alls. And E.G. is no exception. Unlike many of the other windbags on social media, however, he aims higher. He is something of a resident candidate for elected positions. And because voters never support him, his only recourse to salvage some self-esteem is posting on Facebook and hoping that some misguided website like Frognews will cover his musings and give him his 15 minutes of fame. The more twisted his opinion, the better job he has done. All grant-funded individuals and journalists serving the behind-the-scenes clique would agree that regulation is vile, absurd, a draconian measure and whatever else their imagination can muster up.

It is also widely known that Democratic Bulgaria swarms with social climbers. The Facebook activist E.G. (born Emil Georgiev) is no exception. He was the first chairperson of the no longer existing party DEOS, an organisation of left-wing career chasers established in 2014. Two years later, E.G. resigned and was replaced by Viktor Lilov. However, following a scandal involving the order in which the party’s candidates for MPs were listed on the ballot, Viktor Lalov was punished with the “ultimate democratic measure” these days – expulsion from the party.

His predecessor, however, should never fear such a fate. Following the disintegration of DEOS, he, as any experienced career chaser, quickly found a new spot in Democratic Bulgaria’s expert team on alternative policies. It should not be a surprise to anyone that this expert held in such high regard by the democrats is also a member of the grant-funded initiative Justice for All and the association Liberal Ideas for Bulgaria and Europe.

So the fiasco at the 2019 European Parliament elections, where he was on Democratic Bulgaria’s list of MEP candidates behind the expert on beetles and turtle-doves Toma Belev, will not be the last attempt to get E.G. elected. In the meantime, Facebook is the perfect place for him. May be he will comment on the football league next? We have no doubt that he would manage to insert the name of lawmaker and Telegraph Media publisher Delyan Peevski in such a comment too. After all, that is his only way of making sure that he stands out in the sea of claptrap.

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